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A Note on Edgy Eft

A note for people considering upgrading to Edgy Eft from a Dapper install which doesn't have Grub installed.

I tried using the command:
gksu "update-manager -c -d" to upgrade as suggested on the Ubuntu wiki, but it didn't like the fact that I didn't have grub installed. Thus Ubuntu will no longer boot up (not that I much care since I don't really use it). I'm now leaching the 6-10 Alternative install CD, so I can try out a fresh install on either my SLED or Ubuntu partitions.


Thanks for the note. Did you

Thanks for the note. Did you remove grub yourself so you didn't have it upon the upgrade?

I'm asking because Ubuntu uses grub by default and so I suppose it should be there unless you specifically uninstall it.

I chose not to install Grub

I chose not to install Grub during the install, I installed off one of the Dapper Flight install CDs, so it had an option not to install Grub or Lilo.

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