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Forwarding to a new IRC channel

The official channel for has been moved from #nuxified (which still remains registered, but forwarded) to #tuxhacker on port 6667, a site independent GNU/Linux support channel which already has a growing community that we can participate in and benefit from. We are still allowed to mention and talk about when appropriate, but the channel itself is not necessarily endorsing either of the sites which recommend it, hence its independence.

This way we can recommend a more active place to those who wish to ask for help on IRC as well as talk with other members of and further. Hanging with a larger group of people might also prove to be a good way to promote awareness of this site (without blatant self promotion, of course).

This is not set in stone, however, and if there will be any significant troubles with this we can still reverse and go back to our own channel. Otherwise we will stick with #tuxhacker.

The official Libervis Network channel still remains and will always be on #libervis.

Thank you