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The Future of

UPDATE: I've ultimately decided to sell, the reason being it would be too much time to focus on both Nuxified and simultaneously, in addition to other projects. Hopefully the new owner takes good care of it.


Nuxified was founded near the end of 2005 as an alternative support forum for Free and Open Source Software, particularly Linux and everything around it. Later it was switched to the current installation of Drupal and we started publishing some articles, from tutorials to editorials on various Free Open Source Software related issues.

Throughout 2006 to 2010 we had a small community here discussing FOSS and sometimes collaborating on certain projects. The biggest such project was the Freedomware Gamefest 2007, an international multi-game tournament for select Free Open Source games. The project was quite ambitious, and had limited success, but it was an interesting experiment and a learning experience.

In 2010, not long after the last redesign Nuxified stalled, just like its sister site at This had to do with a new job I had for another web publishing company, diminishing my time for my projects, coupled with some personal developments.

However, I've decided to revive this project to be complementary to the revival of The concept is simple and streamlined which will help sustain this web site and gradually maximise its value to you, the fans and users of Free and Open Source Software. The focus will be on key open source technologies, and providing some quality resources on those, in addition to occasional editorials and associated discussion. Just like on the new, forums will be discontinued (as they've been inactive anyway), at least for the time being.

That's about it for now. Follow me on Twitter @danielmemetic for any news on when the transition happens.