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Helping you get Nuxified is a unique, friendly community powered Free Software support site launched in December 2005 as an alternative to the big players in the field of GNU/Linux help forums such as and We are different in many ways. We are not just another nonfree software-powered (such as vBulletin) powered site. We run Drupal, a flexible web management system, instead. Our unique advertising policy ensures that we wont be selling out and annoying users with excessive and inappropriate advertising. In fact, you can barely see any at all. We also strive to maintain a friendly community discouraging the use of rude "RTFM style" responses to "newbie" questions, "distro wars", various bickering over "best" software and any kind of intolerance towards the choices of others.

What we are really all about is helping each other with Free Software, from finding the software you need and learning how to use it to helping you solve any issues you may encounter with them. And this Free Software can include anything from various GNU/Linux distros, *BSDs, even OpenSolaris and whatever Free Software programs you may be running on them.

From its launch up to now, gathered a growing and indeed friendly community of people using and enjoying Free Software every day.

Recent improvements


Recently we have undergone various improvements to the site. Navigation has been improved for better usability so now you will always have a good idea what part of the site you are at when reading something because the appropriate main menu item is highlighted. The whole header has been revamped to offer a better experience. If you need to quickly ask a question you don't even need to go to the forum index. All you have to do is click on the "Need help? Ask here!" link to start a new topic. You can simply select an appropriate forum in the drop down box and now even add some tags to further categorize your topic.

If you are not a registered member the link will lead you through a simple registering process which will have you ready to ask your question even before you confirm your registration. You can finish the account confirmation process after you publish your question, obtaining full powered account.

This is developed in the interest of making the process of starting a new help topic as easy as possible and easier than it has ever been. Just click the link, fill up the info and ask your question. Soon, some of the handful of experienced community members, including my littleness, will come to help. Just ask present members if you don't believe it. :)

No bloat

Other improvements include cutting the fat off the site even further. We don't want the site to be bloated and slow and hence we've made sure it remains as light as possible. Everything should be there for a reason. Second from left in the header, the "what's new" link is a valuable place to look at if you need an overview of what is new all over the site. On subsections you will also find a "new on forums" block allowing you to see if there's anything new at a glance, and at least two newest support topics are always visible on the homepage. This way, if someone asks a question it is hard to miss. Someone's got to notice it and respond.


We have also introduced, as already mentioned, tagging. While our forum categories may still appear quite general, tagging allows more specific categorizations of topics by relevant keywords which everyone can browse through in a "tag cloud" at the bottom of the forum index. We deliberately don't have many forums, certainly not one forum for every major GNU/Linux distribution. It is not necessary since every topic can be appropriately tagged anyway, and for a growing site like this having less forums makes each one more useful.

Of course, also features blogs, articles, image gallery and polls. These compliment the main purpose of the site rather well. Blogs are used by members to post their thoughts on certain Free Software programs or comment on interesting news from the world of Free Software. We also use it for posting useful tips that everyone can make practical use of. The image gallery allows us to share screenshots of our desktops inspiring others in making a better desktop experience. The articles section features some reviews, tutorials or just expressed views on specific Free Software related topics.

Cooperation with other sites: is part of a cooperating trio of websites working to promote, support and guide people through Free Software. introduces people new to GNU/Linux with what it is, why is it better and how to get it. is a practical resource site featuring tools which help you choose a GNU/Linux distribution, install it and then customize and polish it to suit your preferences. You can find many great articles and reviews there. Both of these sites have a support forum on where we cooperate on making these sites even better. Once people learn about GNU/Linux on, choose their distro and get it up and running with help of, people then come to to continue their journey and help each other in the community with any other issues they encounter. It is a very nice symbiosis.

What's coming?

We are soon planning a competition which will capture the heart of, helping each other with Free Software. The competition will reward those who help most people in one month time. The exact date when this month will start is not yet known, but we are preparing prizes and will soon work out the organizational details. While you are always encouraged to help others with their Free Software issues, this competition will provide a greater incentive and reward to those who give their best and help the most to make as many people on these forums as possible happy to be GNU/Linux and Free Software users.

We will also continue improving the site and you are always welcome to help us with your suggestions and comments. Some of the things we are considering include the newsletter, user modified custom themes, special user ranks and whatever else you may suggest and others believe is worth considering.

That said, consider yourself invited to the party. ;)