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Nuxified and Cluenet prepare a gaming tourney. You are invited! and are preparing to hold a Free Software gaming tournament. Its purpose is to promote gaming in the Free Software world, on operating systems such as GNU/Linux, and *BSD and show that gaming is not limited to proprietary platforms such as Microsoft's Windows.

We would like to do this in a collaborative and open way so this first announcement serves as a call to everyone who may be interested to join us and help us build this tournament. One of the first things that we need to do is choose which games to include in the tournament and for that we need to set some criteria.

Since this is about promoting games which are Free Software, a question of "how free must it be" becomes relevant. There are basically two major elements of a game, the engine (actual code and logic behind the game) and the data (game art such as maps and textures). For this tournament to make any sense as one of promoting Free Software games the tournament will not accept games which have an engine that is not under one of the Free Software licenses, so what remains to be decided is the freeness of game data (art basically).

For this purpose we are inviting you for a vote on the following poll: Which games should be selected for the upcoming tournament?. We have put it down to two simple choices:

  • 1. Games which have their free/libre data, free to use, share and modify for both commercial and non commercial purposes - basically this is data which is free in the same sense as Free Software is - it provides the famous four freedoms.
  • 2. Games with non-free data according to the Free Software or Free Works definition which is at least free to use and share non-commercially.

By default we have always preferred greater freedom than less of it. We weren't clear on how to ethically view the issue of game art though, which is why we actually asked Richard Stallman, a long time veteran on such issues, for an opinion - and we got one. With consideration of his thoughts we can conclude that non-free game art are not an ethical problem the way non-free software is because art is not functional and does not have a capability of lock-in. However, freer art is better for collaboration between people and overall cultural growth.

This basically means that whatever the result of this poll, we will consider it acceptable within the context of ethics. Smiling

What are the practical implications of either choice? Well, the first option is naturally a bit more limiting because it would allow only games which have both data and engine free in the same sense. This includes games like Nexuiz, OpenArena, Battle for Wesnoth, Frozen Bubble and other games which, for example, Debian includes in its main repository and Ubuntu.

The second option has a wider amount of acceptable games. In addition to the ones mentioned, this would include games like Tremulous, Cube (and its derivates), certain Doom and Quake ports and basically other games included in the Debian contrib/non-free repositories or Ubuntu's multiverse.

As you vote for either of the two options I invite you to make suggestions of games that you'd like to see supported in this tournament, fitting the criteria that you chose.

The next step is to recruit players and divide them into teams (if necessary) and put them in brackets for each game, as well as specify the times at which games will be played. We will use Nuxified's gaming forum primarily to communicate with players and discuss the ongoing details of the tournament, such as time slots for game matches, maps that will be used etc.

So, if you have any ambition for the GNU/Linux, BSD and Free Software gaming world to thrive, with you in it, join us in making this tourney a success!

Nuxified/Cluenet Gaming tourney Nuxified/Cluenet Gaming tourney

You can talk to us directly in one of the following channels: #clueirc on or alternatively in #libervis on Ask for libervisco, tonyb or Spyro_boy. Smiling


Edit: If you want to participate please sign up here!


Some people from

Some people from forums and OpenArena board have already expressed interest in joining this tourney. It has been announced to a few other forums though and I'm still hoping for more feedback and interest.

The news is also on and

If anyone wants to help with spreading the word I wont be stopping you! Eye

I would definitely like to


I would definitely like to play in this Smiling

That's great to hear.

That's great to hear. Smiling



I might be able to host a server on one of the boxes I have access to, as long as it'll compile and run on FreeBSD.

I already tried a Quake server (darkplaces) it wouldn't run for some odd reason. Not sure about others, like Tremulous or Nexuiz. Need to try..

Great. One of these should

Great. One of these should run. Some other games likely to be played are Battle For Wesnoth, BZFlag, maybe even Frozen Bubble so any of those would be good.

Although I gotta say that which games we play largely depends on how many interested players we will have. If we have few players and most interested in FPS like Nexuiz and OpenArena and yet noone in Wesnoth then Wesnoth would obviously be out of the picture.

Which is why I'm still giving it a bit of time trying to notify people on other boards etc.


Nethack ftw! okay, I'm only


Nethack ftw! okay, I'm only kidding but I felt like throwing that in. Sticking out tongue ( I don't even know how to play it. :x )

Have we included Warsow into the possible OSS games? I haven't heard of anyone discussing it yet.

Haha nethack. Well I'm sure

Haha nethack. Well I'm sure it's a cool game, but I don't think it'd do much to promote Free Software gaming to the masses. Eye I don't know how to play it either tbh.

About Warsow, AFAIK it has non-free data so if the current vote holds it'll be out. But I still have to confirm that.

Am I the only one here who


Am I the only one here who frequently plays Nethack? ;-) I play it sometimes when I compile something, and usually in the bus on the way to the office. It's a great game to waste some time.

Also I'd be interested in joining the tournament, but I guess I'd have to play from Windows then, if they don't release these new ATI-drivers soon enough for me to have acceleration on Linux.

Is there an official name

Is there an official name for the tournament yet? Smiling

I play nethack, but I'm no

I play nethack, but I'm no good at it.

Well, for all intents and

Well, for all intents and purposes it is a "Free Software Gaming Tournament" because I doubt any other tourney has had this kind of purpose so far, but it's not like we put that to a vote or anything so if anyone actually has an idea for a more imaginative name it will be considered.

Well, if you can identify

Well, if you can identify yourself with I guess something like "[Nuxified,] [Free,Free software, Free/libre, Free (libre)] [Gaming, Game] Tournament" would be appropriate. (Note: I suck at using regular expressions)

Nuxified Free/libre Game Tournament - Is my choice, I'm one of the "Say 'Free/libre' to confuse the major public" people.

PS: Oh, by the way, is this a shooter/fps -only tournament? (I thik it would be a good thing to specialize the first time)

Maybe just "Free Game

Maybe just "Free Game Tournament" would be shorter and sweater. It's organized by Nuxified, but hosted by Cluenet so if we include a site's name in the name of the tourney in fairness it should include both sites. Otherwise we don't need to include name of any site in the official name of the tourney.

So far I was advertising it around as just a Free Software Gaming Tournament.

About being FPS only, well that isn't the general idea, but considering that most good or most popular games in the Free Software world seem to be FPS games the tourney will reflect that. I'm not even sure we'll have enough players for something like Wesnoth to be included, but we'll see.

In any case Nexuiz and Open Arena seem to have the biggest mind share. Smiling

If you have a slashdot


If you have a slashdot account, you can vote for the slashdot topic here:

Other than that there are links to digg&co below the news on this page. Eye

Hopefully, we'll manage to get more publicity that way.

Thanks for putting that up.

Thanks for putting that up. I voted. Smiling *crossing fingers*

Tremulous is probably the


Tremulous is probably the biggest among Freedomware Gamefest 2007 tournaments. It is a rather unique kind of a Free first person shooter (FPS) as the game involves a war between two races, humans and an alien race whose name still remains unknown. The alien race is quite different from humans, and reminds quite a bit of aliens you could see in Alien vs. Predator movies and games.

In Tremulous a player can choose to play either of the two. The experience of both is quite different and requires whole new skill sets. Aliens attack mostly with their paws, as daggers or poaching, but they do have lethal weapons to throw at you too.

Humans, on the other hand, are much less organic. They equip themselves with a horde of guns, light and heavy armour, turrets which can even throw lightning bolts at the approaching enemy.

Tremulous requires deep team play and an amount of strategic thinking. We have enlisted a number of experienced clans and are forming a few new teams to participate in the Tremulous Tournament as part of Freedomware Gamefest 2007.

One of the clan readers, CY, had this to say about the game when asked why does he love to play it:

"Well, it's free, it's open source, it's innovative, plays well, looks good, downloads in 5 minutes and takes no space on my computer.
I play mostly with my clan, against another team of players. So we all know each other, and we communicate through a vocal server, the games are much more organized and therefore much more interesting. This is what the Game Fest is preparing for you and if you've never tried Tremulous, or if you've never tried playing clan matches, here's a chance to rapidly dig into the game and discover many pleasant aspects involving teamplay and strategy."

With less than a day left before the registrations deadline, time is ripe for you to come in!

Thank you

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Great post.

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