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The first founding members of registered as early as 19th December 2005 and the "pre-launch" thread was created on 20th December 2005. These were the first signs of birth of a new Free Software and GNU/Linux support site in the Free Software web universe. I can still remember the IRC discussion that led to the decision to start a new site, and the excitement that usually accompanies new startups.

That was one year ago, and in this year we've been through a heck of a ride, starting with phpbb then moving to phpbb+ and then finally settling with Drupal and absorbing the earlier site on the way, (whose purpose pretty much still lives in form of our blogs and screenshots gallery).

In just one year we have become a sustainable web site, grew our rank in the Free Software community to a respectable level and continue growing our community. The potentials are high and the future looks bright. For some insights into what is today and what is coming up, read this.

This is a community powered site, so a lot of thanks goes to the community for sticking around and keeping the place living. I especially have to commend moderators for keeping it cool and clean and participating in decision making. I encourage everyone to keep it up and stay tuned as it can only go up from here.

Here's a quick buzz to keep you all on your toes; we have a competition coming up in January. Everyone will be eligible. Stay tuned! Smiling

Thank you!



/me remembers when nuxified

/me remembers when nuxified was only this high! *raises hand to hip*
Cool, a year since that!
Lets make this year even more fun!


It's been a year since I left LFDO — and I don't miss it.

Viva Nuxified!

Ahh, the birth of NXDF -

Ahh, the birth of NXDF - the thing I was involved with instead of revising over my Christmas holidays...

This is very good going Smiling

happy birthday nuxified !

happy birthday nuxified ! Smiling
Though I'm nothing like a founding member, I did join before phpbb+ came along Eye

Hammy Birthday

... and see where Nuxified will be in one year!

Cheers everyone!

Cheers everyone! Smiling

:cheers: :drink:

Wahey, one year and we


Wahey, one year and we still see all the old faces as well as new ones Smiling


Yes! Good luck and be a


Yes! Good luck and be a number one, guys!

Hey thanks Joe Disfunction

Hey thanks Joe Disfunction and welcome! :star:

Thanks for the great wish

Thanks for the great wish Joe! Welcome aboard! Smiling

Wow. It's been that long


Wow. It's been that long already? I kind-of feel bad because I was here for about a week and then I just stopped showing up and I came back just after this was posted. :/

Congratz on your birthday, Nuxified. Laughing out loud

Thanks for bringing such an awesome community together, Nuxified Team. :-)

Time flies. Now it's almost

Time flies. Now it's a year and a month. Eye


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