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The first Freedomware Gaming Festival warming up!

After more than 20 players already signed up to participate, we are issuing the final call for players on all platforms, be it Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS or BSD, to join us as we commence with the first Freedomware Gaming Festival!

What is Freedomware?

It is a nice new buzzword that we are adopting which refers to Free Software, free as in freedom to legally use, share, modify and copy as you wish. Freedomware games are therefore games that are not only free of charge, but free as in these freedoms, and hence usually cross platform, of great quality due to collaborative efforts and.. well.. as you will see in this tournament, very very fun!

What is the Freedomware Gaming Festival?

It is a gaming tournament involving a number of great quality Freedomware Games such as Nexuiz, OpenArena, Tremulous, BZFlag, Battle for Wesnoth and Armagetron Advanced and perhaps even more if YOU desire so, which through competitive matches celebrates the growing world of Freedomware Gaming, especially on platforms usually perceived as gaming deprived, like GNU/Linux. This deprivation is a MYTH! And this festival is here to prove it!

Freedomware crushes all borders, being truly cross platform and empowering. Therefore, gaming is no longer just for Windows users!

Can I play my favorite Free Game in this tourney?

As you sign up you are free to specify which games you would like to play. If enough other people want to play the same game, provided that it qualifies as Freedomware, it will be included!

Awesome, where do I sign up?

Go to the sign up thread, read the first post to know what you need to specify, and reply to it. If you are not a member you may need to register.

To motivate you to give this a chance, we have made a couple of promotional videos. Enjoy!

Play Video 1- Freedomware Gaming Festival
Play OGG | Play AVI | Play on YouTube

Play Video 2- Freedomware Gaming Festival
Play OGG | Play AVI | Play on YouTube

Like the track used in videos? Download it here. It is a track called "Pollution" from an "Encre" album by Silence on Jamendo, available under a Free Art License.

If you are joining the tournament please consider checking out some of the related topics in our gaming forum where we are discussing the relevant details regarding the tournament. Your feedback is very valuable and can help make your gaming experience in this tourney as pleasant as possible.

Of course, if you have any questions or ideas don't hesitate to post them!