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reptiler's blog

Novell seems to have come to the conclusion that AppArmor might not be worth it's money. At least they have dissolved the project and, as it seems, fired the team that has been working on it.

EasyLFS keeps growing and growing. 0.4 is slowly coming closer and it will be the greatest release so far (who would have expected that? ;-) ).

Quite some time ago we had a topic about swappiness here on Nuxified. There I posted that, more or less no matter what I do, my 1GB swap-partition is hardly ever used.

It's not the first time that I manipulate my partitions with GParted. Especially recently I've done quite some changes to my partition-layout.

Since I will, with the next release, move all the EasyLFS-information over to the new site which has be gratefully sponsored by the Nuxified community I want to