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reptiler's blog

On Monday, September 3rd, 2007, I'll be on the Symantec Security Insights Live, held here in Hong Kong, in our beautiful convention c

Partitions, in the way they are commonly used, are not flexible. The solution is called Logical Volumes, managed with LVM, the Logical Volume Manager, and used with the Device-Mapper.

It's always a good thing to not waste electricity, even if you're not relying on a notebook-battery.

After quite a long search for a good free tool for editing ISOs, which I had interrupted for some time since I really didn't find anything I liked, neither KISO nor Acetone could offer me what I really wanted, just opening an ISO and editing it, I finally found ISO Master.

EasyLFS in numbers

Today I want to abuse my blog to give a little view on the numbers surrounding my "little" project EasyLFS.
I just compiled these yesterday and it was a little surprising how big everything got already. Well, that happens when you don't always keep track of how many packages you have and how many scripts you wrote. ;-)