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reptiler's blog

Nexenta GNU/OpenSolaris

During the last couple of days I stressed my internet-line a little and downloaded some CD-images. One of these was Nexenta GNU/OpenSolaris Alpha 6.
I didn't have much experience with Solaris before and it also wasn't very good, because on the Solaris 9 machine we have in the office I missed quite some comfort which I'm used to from Linux.

Kernel-developer Greg Kroah-Hartman has started a project to provide more drivers for Linux.
He offers hardware-manufacturers that free (conforming to the GPL!) drivers will be programmed and maintained for their hardware for free!

I guess we all remember Jurassic Park, and especially one feature of this movie: The "Unix-system" with that cool 3D file-browser. Well that file-browser was SGI's 3D File System Navigator, which also helps us to know what that "Unix-system" really was, Irix.

We all know that CDs don't live forever. Often loss of data is predictable when the disc is starts to take longer to read, but these changes in speed are often enough too small to be noticed or something else (like the overall system load) is taken responsible for it.

With EnGarde Secure Linux Guardian Digital brings a Linux-distribution target at the use as a server which claims to be "secure by design". Unlike most other distributions it contains SELinux by default which enhances Linux's security-capabilities.