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reptiler's blog


My provider (PCCW) for phone, Broadband-TV (as NowTV) and Internet (as Netvigator) had the funniest idea how to kick me in the balls really hard recently.

SELinux nightmare

Well, it's actually not a real nightmare, I just thought this would be a cool title.

As some of you might know I really favor SELinux over AppArmor, although it's quite hard to use.

Lightscribe rocks!

When I upgraded my PC a while ago also a new DVD-recorder was included, a really nice Asus-DVD-recorder with support for everything, including dual-layer, DVD-RAM and Lightscribe.

The new site for EasyLFS,, is finally up.

Merry christmas!

Yes, I know it's still a bit until it's really xmas, but this week I have my personal xmas.