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dylunio's blog

LFS and the Hurd

I'm currently trying out LFS again. I'm using BLAG (basically FC5) as the base, and I'm reminded once again at how slow doing things with source is. I hear people complain about how slow YUM is, but compared with using source AND using all the test kits it is extremely fast. In a few days I should have quite a nice little LFS system, which I'll make sure is Free. With any luck I'll also be able to run CVS GNOME on it too as well as other mad things.

Tor is a toolset which helps anonymize ones self online. It's useful if you wish to keep your activities online anonymous.

After starting to read 'Database Nation: The Death of Privacy in the 21st Century' I've become more aware of how easy it is to have privacy violated, and it's effects on society.

Magnifying FireFox

If you find text on a website too small to read in FireFox you can increase the font size by using Ctrl and '+' on the numpad. This will only effect the tab you are currently in, and you can revert with Ctrl and '-'.

Local LUG Presidency

The 'Presidency' of my local LUG, the North Wales Linux User Group is coming up for change soon, as the current 'President' is leaving for somewhere in England. I'm now considering taking over the 'Presidency'. I'll only be able to do this for some 9 months as after that I'll (hopefully) be going off to University.

A Note on Edgy Eft

A note for people considering upgrading to Edgy Eft from a Dapper install which doesn't have Grub installed.