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dylunio's blog

Happy Brthday StarTrek

I'd like to wish StarTrek a happy 40th birthday.

The positive visions of the future it saw must inspire many still today.

Bye bye GrUB

I've inadvertently wiped the GrUB with all my lists of disto's from my MBR while installing BLAG.

I'll have to do some file copying now...

I'm wondering if Gentoo desktop installations are a good thing for the environment. When I don't need my computer I tend to switch it off, since it'll only take some minute to start it up again if I want it.

But I find with Gentoo I must leave my computer on all night sometimes for things to compile. I would normally switch my computer off overnight - to save the environment, the electricity bills and so that I have less background noise when sleeping.

But since Gentoo compiles things my computer must be on when I don't want it to be for me to get an up to date system. With a binary distribution it doesn't usually take more than some half hour to download a set of updates and install them - thus the computer may be on less, and use less electricity.

Jokosher is here!

It's now here - the project started by LUG Radio's very own Jono Bacon.
Well if you want to read more/see more look at and you can download it from

I'm not sane

I'm currently emerging all my system packages on Gentoo with my new unstable (~x86) toolchain.

From the #libervis (Freenode) IRC channel:

* dylunio wonders if he is sane emerging over 800 packages
kryme Nope.  Not sane.
dylunio okay, thanks kryme :)
kryme :D
kryme Hey, I do what I can.

Accomplishment for today: insanity Smiling