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Use HISTIGNORE in bash

Don't you find it annoying when you have been using the same command in bash a few times in a row, and then you scroll through the history to a previous command only having to go through many duplicates of the command you just used.

For this use bash's HISTIGNORE variable, set in in your ~/.bashrc file.

Will mean you will not have duplicates in your bash history, but you can use other varables too, say you don't want the commands beggining with c to be put in the history.

An example of this together with not having duplicates:

Simple Text Editor

You can use the cat command as a simple text editor for creating or appending files.

If you want to write a small file just:

cat > file << "EOF"
> put
> your
> text
> here

and then you'll have written your file with the text you put in.

Speedup Gentoo's Boot

If you start many services at boot, edit your /etc/conf.d/rc so that you have a line reading RC_PARALLEL_STARTUP="yes"
This will start up some services in paralel to save time at bootup.