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tbuitenh's blog

fixing xfce4 sessions

Sometimes something goes wrong when saving sessions in xfce. For example it gave me three instances of NetworkManager today... Here's how to fix it:

Log out. Log in in text mode (control-alt-f1). Edit the xfce session: vi .cache/sessions/xfce-session-myhostname\:0

Plan 9 from Bell Labs was meant to be the successor of unix. Unfortunately, it is hard to make users replace something that is good enough by something better. It is free software.

installing from source

This was written as a reply to a question, but I figured it didn't answer the question... It's a useful explanation though...

Compiling source usually goes like this:

(optional) verify the download is error-free:

QUALCOMM and Mozilla Develop Open Source Version of Eudora Email Program - QUALCOMM Incorporated and the Mozilla Foundation, today announced that future versions of Eudora® will be based upon the same technology platform as the open source Mozilla Thunderbird™ email program. Future versions of Eudora will be free and open source, while retaining Eudora's uniquely rich feature set and productivity enhancements. [GNUs]

FLAC -> MP3 with MP3FS

I haven't tried this, because I don't have much music on my computer, and I don't have an MP3-only portable player either. But I think it's a brilliant idea.


Get your FLAC on with MP3FS - I don't know if the folks at can live day-in and day-out using only the free Vorbis, FLAC, Speex, and Theora codecs, but the rest of us routinely run into consumer devices that don't recognize and support them.