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A module-module for EasyLFS

I have been thinking about it for quite some time already, and now I'll go for it: Creating a module that will allow the creation of additional modules for EasyLFS.

With this I want to make it easier for other users to create "add-ons" for EasyLFS, which then are integrated on the LiveCD and can be installed during installation, just like any other software that comes with EasyLFS.
Packages of interest might be things like X and an DesktopManager like KDE, or different servers, like Apache, Postfix or Squid.

At first it will be necessary to add the module I am going to create to the current EasyLFS-CD, but with the next release of EasyLFS that will not be necessary anymore, since the code will go directly into EasyLFS.

I hope that with this I can get people interested to contribute to EasyLFS, by creating modules that install additional packages.
I might also consider offering modules myself, but that's just a little idea. The main target is providing the interface for additional modules.


This could be interesting.

This could be interesting. This could be the missing link between EasyLFS as such and a potential Nuxified distro we talked about that would be suitable for every day desktop users, if we have enough people still interested in that and there is an objective real use for it. Smiling

This actually was one


This actually was one reason to think about that. Not only for Nuxified though, but for everybody who would like to build upon EasyLFS and add stuff to it that he wants to be installed right away.

I do hope that this will add some people to the "userbase" of EasyLFS (if one can actually speak of anything that even slightly resembles a userbase, but after all there have been quite some downloads of 0.4) and maybe even help some people spawn their own thing with this.

I still didn't get around doing this, but in my new job I have the really cool possibility to spend two hours a week on my own projects. It's not much, but it's still really cool to have this time.
So this might actually help to get this done, and also to get something written on how to do this.

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