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Announcing The Nuxified 2010 'FOSS Clique' Revision

I am pleased to officially announce the 2010 revision of, an alternative outlet for all Free Open Source Software users and fans. This revision proves that there's still plenty of life behind this site and is a token of my continued interest in maintaining and improving it.

The slogan marking this revision is a "FOSS Clique" translating perfectly to a "community of people interested in Free Open Source Software".

Here is an overview of all that is new or changed.


While the old design was quite good and probably better than most FOSS related web sites it was time for change. New design is based upon a theme I have recently developed for another web site which has improved accessibility, a cleaner interface, wider and more usable sidebar and a fixed width which makes the layout more stable and easier to control.

The new design also uses a more professional color scheme and its header provides it a slightly futuristic feel, mostly thanks to the font style of site's "Nuxified" title. This design is compatible with the most common screen resolutions starting from a typical resolution of netbooks at 1024x768.

Top sidebar widget

The first thing visible on the sidebar is a widget which by default shows a "popular" tab listing content that was last viewed by any visitor of This gives the site a live feeling because every time you visit a new page you can see where others have been, that is, what is a "popular" destination of the site at this time.

The "topics" tab shows the latest topics started on Nuxified forums and the "news" tab shows the latest news from (albeit other news sources may be added later).

Multimedia section

Considering how popular multimedia content has become on the web it's about time we give it a fair representation on In the multimedia section you can submit interesting videos or audio material (mostly podcasts) relevant to Free Open Source Software so it can be seen by other visitors and discussed in comments.

Adding a video or audio is very easy. Simply paste the embed code in the appropriate field of the submission form and provide the title, description and tags under which you want it published. Most popular video and audio sources are supported (youtube included of course). For audio a direct link to mp3 works as well.

FOSS Live widget

Since is an outlet for Free and Open Source Software users it seemed like a good idea to provide an easy peek into the endless FOSS related chatter that is out there using twitter and RSS feeds for tags. FOSS Live block in the sidebar provides live updates from #oss, #foss and #linux tags on twitter and

This makes pages that much more interesting. You never know when someone will say something interesting or intriguing or refer to something you didn't know about. And if you want to reply to a person who just tweeted something or retweet/repeat it simply click on the tweet and use twitter's or's reply or retweet button (provided you're logged in).

If you click on the "show more" link below you can see 15 latest tweets or status updates at once on the dedicated FOSS Live page. With FOSS Live users of are always in the flow on the latest in the FOSS social world.

Web chat page

A new chat page has been added which provides quick and easy access to the IRC chat room supported by, which is currently #tuxhacker on, where you can jump in with your question or chat about some interesting FOSS topic immediately. I may see you there!

Guest blogging

For a long time every member of could blog on and this hasn't changed. However, this time I would like to make an explicit offer. Everyone who posts a clearly useful and interesting blog post on is entitled to a "resource box" below the blog post which provides some information about the author and link back to your other blog or web site.

This means that posting on can be a way to promote your own blog. We may have a greater audience than your blog so this may be a way to put yourself on the map. Of course, your post must be relevant to FOSS or otherwise will be considered as spam and deleted (we get that a lot).

Other improvements

There are a few more improvements. We finally have clickable smilies and buttons that help you format your post more easily and forums look and feel more like the popular forum software you may be used to from before. I wont pretend this is all that amazing, but it's something we've been missing as part of a trade off caused by switching from phpbb to Drupal and expanding into a full scaled portal with articles, blogs etc. back in 2006.

Below each post we also now have twitter, digg and buttons and a pop out menu for more social networks. You can look here for how the button was done in case you'd like to add it to your own site. is powered by FOSS and is therefore worth supporting on this and other FOSS sites.

I hope these changes make your experience of more rewarding and that they will encourage you to use this place as an outlet for your own FOSS interests. Have something to say? Post a blog. You wish to discuss something specific or ask for help? Start a forum topic. Would you like to contribute a useful article such as a tutorial, review, roundup etc. and wish to have it published here? Submit an article! You can get a link back to your own blog or web site if you submit an article as well.

Happy new year and welcome to the FOSS clique!