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At last, innovation on the desktop: the death of the icons

Since 1981, when Xerox introduced the Star workstation, the GUI desktop has pretty much remained the same for major desktop environments (with experiments that have not caught on that much such as SymphonyOS's Mezzo). Finally, 27 years later, KDE4.1 has gotten rid of desktop icons.

They have been replaced with a much more configurable Plasma applet that displays the contents of a directory similar to a file browser. This can be any folder: ~/Desktop/, ~/my-latest-project/, /etc/etc/etc/. Display filters can be set up, such as only displaying pictures.


Indeed. When I first heard

Indeed. When I first heard about this I thought "No way!" because, I suppose, it reminded me of desktop environments which don't support desktop icons and I'm pretty addicted to that functionality. But when I read Aaron's entry I pretty much changed my mind. This is a brilliant solution and in fact pretty natural to an environment that essentially consists of configurable widgets (plasmoids).

I gotta say, I can't wait for the official KDE 4.1 release. Meanwhile I keep using GNOME.


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