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binaural beats

Last night I just read about an interesting phenomenon called binaural beats. When slightly differing frequencies are played in each ear, humans perceive a beat at the frequency difference between actual sounds. There is a program called Gnaural which generates these. A few example schedules (outlines for Gnaural to generate sound) can be found here.There are a few other programs available (AutoZen and SBaGen) but these are not in Fedora and I do not feel like compiling them. Listening to these meditative beats is quite an interesting experience. I see potential for incorporating these into electronic music (especially psytrance), but I am no musician.


Cool, I tried but the

Cool, I tried but the program doesn't make a sound, I could only export it to a file and play that way.

I think it's quite possible some musicians are already using this sort of thing without people being quite aware. The genres of trance are quite sophisticated nowadays. Smiling

Nice find! I'll probably play with this a little for meditation or something..

Audacity does this too,


Audacity does this too, only I feel that Audacity has greater control because you can later fine tune the waveforms however you want. Plus, in Audacity, you aren't given the final wave, so you don't know what it looks like, but then you just join the two audio samples. But, I digress.

The "binaural beats" is just the tip of the iceberg with frequencies. To see what I am getting at, take a look at this page...

By subjecting the brain to certain frequencies, the human brain will tend to sort of tune into that frequency. One way to do this is to blast certain frequencies at the person, unfortunately, this does not always work when you are dealing with frequencies below the audible spectrum. The way to combat that is to two sine waves at a frequency difference of that which you want. So, let's say that you wanted to hear .5Hz, which is great for relaxation, you would make two sine waves, one at 200, the other at 200.5 and play them out of different speakers (all of this can be done in Audacity). The only problem is, the person as to try their best to not be aware of it and maintain a relaxed state on their own before, during and after. And even then, it is not always true that it will happen. The subject has to be in really good control of their brain in order for things like this to work.

Neurology has been a hobby of mine for a little while now. Smiling

Interesting, well brain is

Interesting, well brain is much like a computer so I can definitely see how computer enthusiasts can get interested in brain. Though more broadly everything in nature is actually energy and software (programs that determine how will energy flow, which structures will it create which is how all reality ends up being what it is).

Anyway.. speaking of frequencies, anyone here has any thoughts about the so called "Law of Attraction" which takes the supposition that brain itself emits frequencies and can thus somehow "tell the universe" what it longs for and the universe will somehow respond? Sticking out tongue

Thanks for that link btw, gonna check it out. Smiling

It's not that its theory,


It's not that its theory, parts of that is scientific fact. The brain does, in fact, give off electromagnetic frequencies. This makes things like EEG's possible. The thing is, not just the brain, but ALL matter in the universe gives off electromagnetic impulses. Furthermore, those that claim to be clairvoyant are either 1) controlling their brain to operate in frequency ranges that grants them their "powers", or 2) they are totally full of it (more so, the latter than the former). If you want to read more about it, check this out...

And this has been further proven by test like this...

Children afflicted with ADHD, after under going behavioral treatment (which was training the brain to alter its frequency output to the desired range known for learning), children were able to focus more without the need for medication. Although, the combination of behavioral treatment and medication produced the best results, the medication amount needed was far less than those only on medication.

It is possible for everyone to retain a certain level of control over their brain, but the problem is, things like this are not taught because it is considered pseudo-science and looked down upon by the science community (much like the para-sciences are).

Is there already a way of


Is there already a way of getting high by playing a certain sound?
Well, I guess not. Otherwise you'd already see shady people lurking around back-alleys trying to sell you tapes instead of dope...

Btw, I like what it says in the description of GNaural (the description in the package-manager of Fedora): "brainwave entrainment software"

Sounds cool.

Actually reptiler, the only

Actually reptiler, the only reason why people lurk around in back-alleys selling something (like drugs) is because it has been criminalized. There's no other reason.

Sounds that make you high are, fortunately, legal so you can get them easily. Trouble is, it depends from person to person what stuff works on you, at least currently. I personally can get quite emotionally charged (or "high" if you will) by listening to certain trance songs.. it can flip my mood by 180 degrees. Laughing out loud .

As for something more effective, I guess it's yet to be made, but it's probably possible. Smiling

sakuramboo wrote:

It is possible for everyone to retain a certain level of control over their brain, but the problem is, things like this are not taught because it is considered pseudo-science and looked down upon by the science community (much like the para-sciences are).

As far as I'm concerned science is a pursuit of knowledge by use of a scientific method or in short, devising theories that are logically internally consistent and then verifying them by empirical evidence (through experiment). If you can do those two things and have at least a few more people corroborate the experiment in my view you've got it down to a science, so to speak, and in that case I don't necessarily care what the "scientific community" (whatever that is) says. Sticking out tongue

In any case science is the healthiest phenomenon that has ever developed in human evolution, but it has to be kept in mind that science is not a religion nor a cult nor an institution nor anything collective. It is a method, not a group of people in "authority" who must approve something for it to be called science. No approval necessary. Science is anarchy. No government. Eye

Thanks for the links. Smiling

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