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Browse your filesystem in 3D

I guess we all remember Jurassic Park, and especially one feature of this movie: The "Unix-system" with that cool 3D file-browser. Well that file-browser was SGI's 3D File System Navigator, which also helps us to know what that "Unix-system" really was, Irix.
For everybody who also wants something like this on his box I'd suggest to take a look at fsv, the 3D File System Visualizer.
It doesn't only display your filesystem in a cool 3D-view, it also gives you an optical representation of file- and directory-sizes.
Of course this is nothing for everyday's work, but it's a nice toy to show off to your friends. ;-)
So, when you ask yourself now where your files are, maybe they are somewhere at the back on the left side. ;-)


This program proves linux

This program proves linux isn't uncrashable. It froze my system, I had to use the power button :S

(up to date archlinux, "mobility" radeon 9700 using Free driver)

Hmm, I don't have that


Hmm, I don't have that problem. And I'm also using the free ATI drivers.
I just can't use tree-view because some library is missing, so the program crashes when I switch to tree-view.

Yes, it crashed while

Yes, it crashed while switching to tree-view, and froze the system. It may or may not have something to do with my X configuration being adapted to Beryl's requirements, I don't use Beryl at the moment, though.

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