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Don't spread FUD about Vista

Vista is out and the community of GNU/Linux enthusiasts are up on their feet trying to persuade everyone that instead of going with the flow and upgrading to Vista, we should upgrade to GNU/Linux. This wont stop any time soon. In fact, it probably wont stop until GNU/Linux either withers away or dominates the world. The fact is there are more and more of so called GNU/Linux "fanboys" and enthusiasts every day, not less and less. Expect numbers to grow constantly.

But there is a trap enthusiasts may easily fall into when trying to persuade everyone to forget about Vista. It is easy to bring yourself to say just about anything to paint Vista as a piece of something not so nice and GNU/Linux as absolute perfection. It is easy to fall to FUD tactics ourselves to promote our goals. But here's the point. We don't need to go out forging stories about how Vista is crap and all that. Vista should do this all by itself. Let the people have the facts, real facts, and then decide for themselves what they really want. Instead of shoving the Ubuntu download down their throats doing everything we can to prevent them from even having a look at Vista (really, its price tag actually does enough here) we should let them have a balanced look at both and decide what they really want.

I believe this way we may actually have more honest converts than any other way. When people see what Vista really is, what features it has and in what way does it undo those features by built-in DRM they will scream for GNU/Linux. Remember that old plea? "I want it to just work." Well, let them try to "just work" on Vista without being obstructed by some sort of a DRM "feature". Really, Vista should do all the GNU/Linux advocacy by itself.

All we, as GNU/Linux enthusiasts, really need to do is tell people to go ahead and try both (because both will require a leap to buy/download and install, though getting GNU/Linux is way easier and cheaper) and then see for themselves what exactly will just work for them, while in the meantime doing everything we can to improve GNU/Linux even further, to a point where it will be so good people wont be able to resist it. (Just think of all the advanced technologies being developed on the GNU/Linux platform these days. It is no longer just about developing equivalents. We've entered the stage of rapid innovation.)

I promise you GNU/Linux will be winning people hands down by merit alone, no FUD necessary, not even persuasion. When they open their new shiny windows, they will see the beauty of GNU/Linux freedom and desire to have it.

Thank you



libervisco wrote: to a

libervisco wrote:

to a point where it will be so good people wont be able to resist it. (Just think of all the advanced technologies being developed on the GNU/Linux platform these days. It is no longer just about developing equivalents. We've entered the stage of rapid innovation.)

how can you be sure such a point exists ? I must agree that GNU/Linux is better on many counts and improving faster on most, if not all, areas, but we might have come to a point where the users just don't care for those features and better usability.

In part, we have a chicken and egg problem: Users won't switch until their banking apps and games work; the game developers and banks won't support GNU/Linux until there is a larger user base — the other users won't switch (consciously): the big group that buys their computers at the local supermarket, asks a linux-or-not-using neighbour for help and lets their kids play Counter-Strike on it.

You're right about those

You're right about those requirements to switch that some people have and I believe those will be resolved eventually. That will be a step closer to it becoming irresistible. People may not care so much about the underlying advanced technology or specific features, but they do care about a system that just works and yet gives them the complete freedom to control their media and if they wish so the system itself (but only *if they ever wish so*).

Isn't a perfect system the one which offers the best to both kinds of people? It just works for those who don't want to tinker and it lays itself without restrictions to those who want to tinker. Both have the perfect experience. This hasn't been achieved by any OS in existence so far, including OS X (because it is still proprietary) and certainly not Vista. But GNU/Linux is consciously getting there because there is a push for both the usability and ease of use (so that it "just works") and freedom to tinker. Those are the goals and those are being steadily and surely achieved.


I agree with you libervisco. Perhaps I'm going too far. People ask my opinion of Vista and I should say, "Have you installed it yet? Go ahead and try it. I have, but my wife, kids, and I prefer Ubuntu."

I think, however, that Vista is its own worst enemy unlike Windows 2K or XP. If someone installs Vista, or purchases a system pre-installed with it, and doesn't absolutely hate the operating system within 4 months, then they're a blooming idiot.

That could very well be so.

That could very well be so. Vista sure doesn't seem as succesful in its first 90 days as Microsoft wanted or expected it to be, although they will continue to boast about how great it is and how they're breaking all records and milestones and whatnot. But we know what the cloud is made of already. Smiling

Isn't there some cool new


Isn't there some cool new copy-protection preventing people to run copies?
As far as I remember I heard something about that.

Copies probably have always (since there's broadband-internet) helped Windows spreading, I guess half of the people running XP just run an illegal copy.
Why do they do it? Because it's the new Windows, and since it's new they want to have it. But Windows is pretty expensive, so people just load it from the net.
Not everybody waits to buy a new computer until MS releases a new Windows, sometimes people just can't afford to wait. And not too many people are crazy enough to spend a hell lot of money just to buy that new shiny Windows without a new PC.<