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Easy Linux backup software with Time Machine like functionality

If you need an easy way to maintain backups on Linux which you can easily restore with a few clicks similarly to Apple's Time Machine BackInTime is probably best tool for the job.

You can set which directories you want to have backed up, which location to use for saving backups, how often should it sync the backup to your data and even set options for automatic removal of your backups in case you should run out of space.

When you start the application you'll be greeted with the settings window where you can set up these options.

BackInTime Settings

Once you're all set you'll see a file browser window including the list of folders you want backed up. In the toolbar you can click the disk icon (first one) to save a backup snapshot of your folder. If you already had snapshots the reload button will update them.

BackInTime Settings

It will show the work in progress in the status bar.

BackInTime Settings

At that point you'll see a new snapshot date in the snapshots list.

BackInTime Settings

If you select the snapshot date it will show the files and folders as they were on that date when you browse through the folders you previously selected for backup. It is like browsing through the past of those folders so if you lost or deleted something that you want back you can browse through it's snapshot to find that file, select it, and click the restore button.

BackInTime Settings

You can also open the files in the snapshot like normal.

It's a pretty awesome backup tool! It is available in official Ubuntu repositories and for other distros. There's also a download page here. There is both a GNOME and KDE4 variant so you can use the version that fits best in your desktop workspace.

I used it to make a backup of my most important data, namely my projects data. Smiling


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