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EasyLFS 0.4 is here!

Yes, it's true. EasyLFS 0.4 is here, and not only here on my harddisk, but also publicly available through it's new project-site.
You can find the images and the installation-manual as PDF in the download-section.

Other information about EasyLFS will follow soon since the site and also it's content are still under development.
I have talked about the cool, new features already in this post, so I think repeating all that isn't really necessary.

Another cool thing with the new version also is that you can read the manual during installation since it's now available as text-file on the CD.

As always I will be happy to receive any kind of feedback, comments or suggestions. I hope you will like the latest release of EasyLFS; it's been a lot of hard work.


Crap, one bug always has to


Crap, one bug always has to sneak by.

If you want to use LFS_GCC_COMPLETE=y the installation will fail. The reason is that Zip and UnZip, which are needed for Java-support, are not installed because I don't run the dependency-script in Stage1.

If you install EasyLFS without the complete GCC (meaning only with C- and C++-support) everything is fine.

Tonight I'll make new images and upload them.

Okay, the new images are


Okay, the new images are there now. Hopefully these are free of bugs.

If anybody finds one please let me know.

And another bug... This


And another bug...
This time it would hit even less users than before, but it's still a bug.
The problem is that if you install onto LVM (and probably also RAID) and select the bootloader to be written into MBR the installation will fail because the script doesn't select the proper device.

This has been fixed and now tonight I'll upload new images, again...

Okay, the latest images are


Okay, the latest images are uploaded and available.
I hope now everything is okay.

The third bug has just been


The third bug has just been discovered, and this time it's a big one... Crap!
I accidently introduced it when I fixed the second bug, which was a bug that wouldn't affect so many people, this one probably affects everybody, because the bootloader can't be written into the bootrecord.

So, tonight there will be new images, again... And this time hopefully everything should be fine.

Okay, again new images are


Okay, again new images are available. I really hope this is the last set of images for 0.4.

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