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Editing ISOs with ISO Master

After quite a long search for a good free tool for editing ISOs, which I had interrupted for some time since I really didn't find anything I liked, neither KISO nor Acetone could offer me what I really wanted, just opening an ISO and editing it, I finally found ISO Master.
ISO Master is a nice, slim and easy to use tool. Ease of use here really means straight forward. You open your ISO- or NRG-image (it will not be mounted for this), delete or add files and finally export it (just ISO supported on export). That's it!
The GTK-interface might not be a beauty, but it has everything you need. You have a box displaying the discs content, and another box displaying local content. In between you have a few buttons to move things around. That's all you get here, but that's also all you need.
For me ISO Master is good useful tool for quick edits of EasyLFS- or Slax-Images. Building a whole new EasyLFS-image takes quite some time (around 4 to 5 hours on my system), so with this I can just replace the install-folder and have a "new" image.