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Keeping it simple as hell, I can't wait until Fedora 8 comes out!

My workstation will always run Debian Testing. I'm happy with it.

My laptop has been running a version of Ubuntu, and I have to say, I'm not as happy with Ubuntu as I thought I'd be. I tried Fedora 8 Beta and it was, evidently, unstable, but it was amazing when it was working.

Fedora 8 has a spot in my heart, and more specifically, on my hard drive.

Over and out,

Dario Russo


Fedora 8 Werewolf seems

Fedora 8 Werewolf seems poised to make a buzz and being a little bit disillusioned by some of the things about Ubuntu lately I'm considering giving it a try when I find some time for that.. On the other hand I don't have a very good track record of luck with Fedora, so I'm a bit wary at the same time.. especially about yum and there being no official and recommended way to "dist-upgrade".

I'll try the upgrade in KVM


I'll try the upgrade in KVM first.
I guess tonight I'll take some time to install Fedora 7 into an image and then, when Fedora 8 is released, play through the upgrade-process there to see what awaits me when I really do it on my PC and notebook.

So, if you folks can wait a bit then I could maybe provide some info on how that went.

Well I can definitely wait

Well I can definitely wait since I don't have time to install it yet anyway.

Thanks. Smiling

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