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Finally free ATI-drivers?

A few days ago I've read this: It's official: ATI Radeon drivers to be open sourced
Sounds great, doesn't it?

Finally we seem to get really free drivers for ATI-cards. This should speed up development considerably.
Although it the new driver will only be for the X1xxx-series, and not for older models like R300-cards, it is still a really good thing. The Avivo-driver, aimed at that series of GPUs, will be discontinued as it seems, and all development will be put into the new driver, built with the official specs and source.

Well, I'm amazed about this, especially since right now I'm just using the Vesa-driver to get X going with my X1250. And I don't need to mention that I don't even need to think about launching anything that's remotely related to 3D. ;-)

And since it doesn't have to be done by reverse-engineering anymore I could imagine that there might be a nice xmas-present for those of us using one of the newer Radeon-chips.


Indeed, that's awesome

Indeed, that's awesome news. I would really like it if they released the necessary specs for R300 cards too though. I think those are still used quite a bit and I don't see the reason why they wouldn't do it for those if they're doing it for the newest cards.

But anyway, if they don't release specs for R300 I guess I can try selling it at some point and get a newer one in the mid-range.


3 cheers for AMD!

Hip hip hooray!
Hip hip hooray!
Hip hip hooray!

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