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fixing xfce4 sessions

Sometimes something goes wrong when saving sessions in xfce. For example it gave me three instances of NetworkManager today... Here's how to fix it:

Log out. Log in in text mode (control-alt-f1). Edit the xfce session: vi .cache/sessions/xfce-session-myhostname\:0

Move to the first line describing something you don't want to be started, and type d8d (which deletes 8 lines). Repeat until you got rid of all unwanted junk (so in my case leaving only one of the groups of nm-applet lines, and everything not related to nm-applet), and exit vi with :wq.

Log out (control-d), go back to X (graphics mode) (alt-f7), log in, log out with session saving enabled (just to be sure), log in.

It should be fixed now.


Cool, it happens to me

Cool, it happens to me sometimes as well. Thanks for the tip.

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