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My provider (PCCW) for phone, Broadband-TV (as NowTV) and Internet (as Netvigator) had the funniest idea how to kick me in the balls really hard recently.
I get my monthly bill for TV and Internet online. I get a mail with a link, there I have to login (at least they're using SSL-/TLS-encryption for that) and then can get my bill to print out. That's until this month. Because now they have changed the NowTV-site to be totally in Flash!
Problem is that it doesn't work with Gnash, and it even didn't work when I installed the Flash-plugin and fired up Firefox-32-Bit (which I needed to do because the plugin won't work in the 64-Bit-version). So even with the real Flash-plugin from Adobe I couldn't get to my bill!

Why do they have to have that crap in Flash anyway? Luckily I still had an older mail with the old link, which luckily still works. But for how long will that still work?

Well, I have sent them an angry eMail that they cannot assume that everybody uses Windows, and that not everybody likes Flash, and that there are people who rely on things like screenreaders which are not capable to handle Flash (or are they by now?).

Well, anyway, I really don't understand why the billing-part of the site has to be Flash. It's okay for me if they put the rest of their site in Flash, I don't care, because I never visit that site anyway.
But if they decide to finally shut down the old site to get the bills then I'll have a problem to get my bills.

Isn't that crazy? Shouldn't be an important part like this (and which part of the site would be more important to a customer than the billing-part?) be as accessible and platform-independent as possible?

I really think this is Flash-terrorism. They try to force me to use Flash, and even when I decide to give it a try (because I have to pay my bill) it still doesn't work. So they even force me to use Windows, because with the current Flash-player for Windows it will probably work (if not somebody should really be fired).

By the way, when I sent them my mail I also sent another mail right after it to complain that they sent me their stupid notification-mail as HTML-mail...

Well, I'll keep you posted if I get something back. And maybe I should post this on Digg...



Coercion, yes, but I fail to see how this is terrorism.

Wiktionary says, among


Wiktionary says, among others, this:


Violence against civilians to achieve military or political objectives.

Though this isn't violence it still is a big move that forces me to do something I don't want, install Flash. Of course I have widened the understanding of terrorism a bit for this topic, but terrorism also isn't always about bombing things.

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