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Freedomware Gamefest 2007 becomes 2007/2008.1

Does anyone remember any other event which was named after one year yet did not finalize until the next year? Eye If not then perhaps we are a special precedent. And so WHAT!? We started late in the year, it is a complex event, and it is perfectly fine. Let the games continue!

While the official name "Freedomware Gamefest 2007" is still fairly justified considering that it was organized and initiated in 2007 just for the sake of accounting for its continuation in the beginning of this new year 2008 we can call it "Freedomware Gamefest 2007/2008.1"

Yes, 2008.1, because 2008.2 will be the REAL Freedomware Gamefest 2008, with the real hype and all. Sticking out tongue Of course that is shall we gather up enough breath to actually do it, and we probably will, with all of the experience, material and many learned lessons from the 2007 one.

We move on with the festivities, with the competitions, and we're gonna be harsh! I will soon be sending the final reminder to all participants of all gamefests except AA which is just about to get started, giving them a week to respond - or be disqualified altogether.

We don't like forfeits, but the qualifications stages must be over as soon as possible and you can't qualify people who have trouble showing up to the event they themselves promised to participate in. Therefore, if you're in the tournament and your opponents don't show up and you do - the mere fact that you had the civility to show up and be accessible makes you qualified - and that's only fair.

What we are then left with is all the good players, accessible players who we can more easily schedule matches with going into Stage 2, in fact the most exciting stage - the one which leads up to the finish, draws up the winners and leads towards the final announcement of those who win the prize.

So let's do this!

Thank you