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Freedomware Gamefest 2007: Special report!

A jolt of light stroke in a dark corner of a silent arena. A ghost of the space, spectator of the event, wonders as a warrior spawns. Behold, as the corners of the arena light up in a flash and the battle cries its immediacy through a hundred beeps of the warrior souls connecting and communicating..

"Good game and good luck."

Battle for freedom and honour of a victory begins. To show those not lucky enough to have revealed the enormous power of Freedomware, the battles have begun.

Nexuiz 1vs1 and OpenArena 1vs1 tournaments have already seen a number of matches. Current standings already reveal some of the warriors likely to proceed through to the final tests of strength, the second stage. GreEnmArine, kojn, Plouj and kyre from Nexuiz and w1zrd, 2xtreme from OpenArena. Many matches are yet to be fought catapulting more warriors into the spotlight cast on those who shall proceed.

OpenArena "Capture The Flag" and soon Nexuiz CTF tournaments are about to launch. The teams are preparing to conquer the flags of freedom, honour, skill and strength.

Tremors are shaking the Earth as the titans start colliding in Tremulous. As they drive the avatars as much human as alien, lucifer cannons are bursting, tyrants are stomping, dragoons are cutting and flame throwers are preparing a new speciality, fried dretch (with mashed potatos and green salad on top).. erm.. the first battles have risen the dust. CY has totally crushed CZ and wwF, but someone somewhere may be waiting to stop their armada.

Saturday will see two epic fights occur between {tHc} and Team2, {S}pikers and [psy] in a game that is tremulous. BRUTAL and T.S will fight for their flags in an Open Arena. And energized souls may face off in Nexuiz and open arenas as well.

And all the while, the audience hungry for (not just fried dretches) can observe what is transpiring by down loading magical "demo" files from the demos pad of our Freedomware Gamefest 2007 station.

And not to forget the last but not least, invisible maid-bots are reported being detected as already sweeping the floors of Armagetron spaces where advanced tron riders will engage each other in a light speed race of reflexes.

Good game and good luck to all!

UPDATE: Breaking news! FGF07 stock of prize gold has just risen to $400 USD!