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Freedomware Gamefest 2007 Status update

There is no doubt that Freedomware Gamefest 2007 started quite late in the year and that its progression was fairly slow. Part of the reason for this is the timing of the event. With holidays and exams all coming up some may find their time to be limited. There is no perfect time of year to do tournaments, but this may be one of the less optimal. So this is understood and accepted, but at the same time we are still holding on to the registration and confirmation of participation as a sort of a promise based on which we at least expected to be in close contact with those who confirmed their participation so that we can together work out good times to do matches.

And that's where the second part of the reason for slowness came in. Not everyone actually showed to care for this event enough to even be around for it (despite registration). No matter how open and forthcoming you try to be if someone doesn't even reply to emails you can't move on. Perhaps not everyone finds this event worthy of attention because it still has a lot to prove. Well, that's why I would still characterize this as a prototype event. We try to make it happen and then see what works and what doesn't, building the knowledge and experience foundation we need to organize a better one next year. And if you want to miss out on all the fun, it's your loss. Eye

So where are we standing so far? First and most active tournaments were Nexuiz and OpenArena Solo 1vs1 tournaments and hence they have made most progress, especially Nexuiz 1vs1. With the exception of Group 7 all groups have done at least a couple of matches. Just now a final call has been issued for all who still have matches to do, to respond and show up before Xmas or be disqualified. The deadline is the end of the year. OpenArena 1vs1 had much less matches, but is also smaller so it should take less time to catch up.

Nexuiz and OpenArena Team "Capture The Flag" tournaments have pretty much just gotten started and it is realistic to expect that they will be finished only in the beginning of 2008. Same goes for Tremulous. Albeit quite a bit of progress will likely be made in next 10 days as players become more available (because of holidays) and some of the already scheduled matches play out. It is also worth noting that Nexuiz CTF is very small and will hence take much less time to complete qualifications for.

Armagetron Advanced is the last to start and should be launched this weekend or beginning of next week. We are still collecting last confirmations for participation, prior to forming groups and scheduling first matches. Due to a fairly small number of players and the nature of the game itself, this too will probably be finished quite quickly as well, not that this would diminish the excitement it should generate. Eye

All registered participants are continuously urged to pay attention and be as available and accessible as they can for scheduling and doing matches. This is what the progression of this gamefest ultimately depends on. Note also that as the time goes by some deadlines will be set, just as it has been set for Nexuiz 1vs1 in which case those who miss out will be disqualified.

So, all in all this could be called a 2007/2008 fest rather than just 2007, but its origins and start was in 2007 which justifies the name. January may yet bring most excitement as the speculation on who might win becomes more and more feasible and matches played become between stronger and stronger opponents. Don't miss out. Even if you don't play as part of this gamefest you can feel the vibes by going to the demos section and downloading demos to run in your own game installation, and see it just the way it was played out. Smiling