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Freedomware Gaming Festival is about fun, not size

Somebody said the upcoming gaming tournament is a nice idea that failed. The reasoning behind this was that we aim to have multiple games played yet only have about 20 players, suggesting that this wont be enough to play all the games that we would like to include. Attempting to defend the tournament I said that multiple players can play multiple games meaning that even if majority of players stated that they'd play Nexuiz a good deal of them might still be interested in playing other games too. Game matches do not have to be held at the same time so this is certainly plausible.

Today the number of players is closer to 30, though. However, I have to accept the possibility that even though it would be made possible, players will not want to play multiple games for us to have many players for each. For example, BZFlag apparently has about 3 players who actually expressed interest in it, which is quite a low number. While it is still possible to have a match or even a number of matches with even as little as three players, it perhaps does not, in itself, justify the name "tournament".

So is this a problem? I would say that it is unfortunate, considering that all of the games we have included are quite popular. That we didn't attract more players from each game's community is a bit puzzling. BZFlag, for example, has more players on some more popular servers every day than have signed up to play this game as part of our tourney in weeks! This obviously doesn't seem right, but does this mean we have to pronounce this event a failure?

Not necessarily. This is a reason why I have started calling this "tournament" a "festival". One particular game among the few that are to be included may not have many players, but viewed as a whole it may still be a good show of Free Software gaming in general. It is basically an exposition of various Free Software games done by simply playing them, competing and in the end determining winners, just for fun and for the sake of showing that Free Software world is not gaming deprived.

The word "tournament" may imply a whole series of matches in various game settings and maps between various teams of players, but a word "festival" merely implies a celebration of something commonly held as valuable regardless of how it is done and how big it may be. A party can be as big as Love Parade or as small as a house party, but the amount of fun that we can have can be quite similar in both cases. Smiling

And in the end, nobody has done this before in a Free Software world, so we could cut this idea some slack and perhaps consider it a prototype of bigger events to come in years ahead. But the better, bigger and more fun we make this prototype event the better, of course. So why not just join in and have some fun? Why not give this party a chance?

Besides, after making two videos and trying to promote it for weeks do you really think I'm gonna give up because we don't have more than 100 players?? Sticking out tongue One thing I learned is that if you don't want to fail then you wont fail. I could just give up and call it a failure or I could push this through no matter what and then be able to say "there, we had a load of fun, we gained some experience and we kicked some virtual a** all in the name of freedomware - for all intents and purposes we have succeeded at pulling this through".

Be it 20 people or 200, this can still be a hell of a party. All we need is to set aside the prejudice and join in!

The entrance is over here and the ticket is free of charge. Eye


libervisco wrote: A party

libervisco wrote:

A party can be as big as Love Parade or as small as a house party, but the amount of fun that we can have can be quite similar in both cases. Smiling

I love analogies, and especially this one, that's why I want to share a little story about a few parties I visited or organized, sort of a little anecdote with a little analogic value.

I have been a member of the Raving Society since 1996 when I visited my first Mayday, where I enjoyed the party with around 20000 other people. The next year I have visited the biggest party that has been held TO DATE, Love Parade 1997, with over ONE MILLION people (some figures speak of up to 1.5M people) and after that Nature One, also with many many people (I have no figures for 97, but the last years were always above 70K).
These are huge parties, you could compare this to a LAN-party, where a couple of hundred people come together to play all night, or all weekend.

Then I've also been to a club near my home, the Poison Club in Dusseldorf, where every saturday the house was full (I have no idea how many people go in there, but I don't think more than a few hundred). The parties there have also always been great, in a way different from these huge events. You meet people every weekend, the club becomes sort of a family (of course you also find friends on the big parties, one of my best friends I got to know on Nature One 1997, yes, that's you Kevin, if you read this ;-) ), and it's always great to come back. I was there on New Years Eve '97 (or was it '96?) and at midnight the whole club was hugging and kissing each other (which reminds me of the speech Dr. Motte gave on the '97 Love Parade, where he told us to give our neighbors a big hug)!
These are the somewhat smaller events, which our Free Software Gaming Festival can be seen too.

And finally I have been involved in a few privately organized parties. One with quite some people (like 40 or 50 I guess), with two stages, one of these at a pool, the other in a small hut, and one where we were more DJs than guests!
Also, all of those were fun!
These can be compared to something I used to do with a friend of mine, I just packed my box into my car and drove over to his place, and then we used to play games all night long, just the two of us.

No matter how big the party/tournament, it's always big fun! It's not about how many people are there, it's about the love for the music/games, and also about WHO is there.

Thanks for sharing that and

That's wonderful. Thanks for sharing that and underscoring the point. Smiling

We just need to make this fun. After the sign ups close we will attempt to split ourselves in game groups and teams (if enough players for teams for a certain game) and then set up brackets and deal times of play. I can't imagine how could it not be fun when we start gaming. We'll compete, we'll measure the results and write them all down in special forum threads and so for each game.

And it doesn't even have to be a closed sort of event once the sign ups stop. We can still be announcing each match and calling people to watch as spectators, as long as they don't actually join the game. Sticking out tongue

Cheers Smiling

It turns out this gamefest

It turns out this gamefest is going to be bigger than it felt.. just about few hours ago. Laughing out loud

In other words, there's been a bit of a turn around, but not to spoil the good news by prematurity let's just say you'll hear soon. Smiling

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