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GNU/Linux on its way to dominate by 2014?

You know, I've been hungering for some good old hard numbers to provide a major motivational kick in the butt and scream: "Yes, you ARE making a dent!!!"

And I think I found my butt kicking leg:

First I read Apple got most users (of course, since their percentage is already bigger), but they didn't grow too much overall. Then I read Windows is still holding firm, mostly... but Vista ain't exactly conquering the market. By then I feel sort of disappointed. All this effort and Windows market still feels untouched, but oh I was wrong!

GNU/Linux and the Free Software armada that it brings with it is still like an echo you hear from afar when you sleep near your Windows or below an Apple tree at night. But that echo breeds incredible power within itself. The process of "explosion" has just begun.

Just look at this:

James Maguire wrote:

That's a tiny piece of the pie, but comparing it to earlier data reveals a potentially powerful trend. In all of 2006, Linux grew from 0.29% to 0.37%. That's a robust move, percentage-wise, but not jaw-dropping. In contrast, its doubling growth between December '06 and September '07 shows a dramatic spike upward.

James Maguire wrote:

Regardless of its modest market share in absolute terms, the fact that Linux more than doubled suggests it is growing at a collision course with the other OSes. If it were to maintain its current growth rate, it would be the dominant OS by the year 2014.

2014? Who would have thought? I know, the initial rate doesn't usually hold and the bigger GNU/Linux becomes the nastier its opponents will get (heck if they can get any nastier than they already are), but still.. could anyone imagine that we will see a domination of GNU/Linux before 2020? At least now, looking at our numbers, it seems quite plausible.

2007 didn't even had a whole year and we had a rate increase by 6! That's what I call a pending explosion. No wonder Microsoft is screaming. They must've seen the numbers too. They must've heard that scary echo. Free Software revolution is coming and.. what can they do to stop it? Nothing as far as I'm concerned.

Windows is stagnant, and compared to GNU/Linux Apple has a modest growth. But GNU/Linux is literally soaring!

I really needed this.

Now let's just make sure that we konquer the world right, that we don't turn GNU/Linux into a half-proprietary system in the process.

Now on to the Freedomware Game Fest, just one of those little efforts that adds up to the larger picture that ends up showing incredible numbers like this!


I'm not sure where that

I'm not sure where that data came from (maybe I missed it?), but Linux might be much bigger than that. It's impossible to count Free software because anyone can download an installation CD iso, burn it, and share it with friends. If the percentage mentioned in the article is percent of operating systems sold, then Linux is huge, possibly bigger than MacOS.

James says it comes from

James says it comes from Net Applications.

I would also say it may be even bigger than any stats currently show. It certainly feels big. In recent months it's getting easier and easier to hear someone talking about GNU/Linux, or writing about it magazines etc. For example, all of the recent issues of popular magazines in Croatia featured something about GNU/Linux, Free Software and are starting to offer GNU/Linux distros or on their DVDs. is actually being demanded by readers (cause they want a better alternative to unlicensed MS Office)! Smiling

Net Applications lists a

Net Applications lists a programming language (Pike) as an operating system... Makes me wonder how much those statistics are worth.

Quote: But GNU/Linux is


But GNU/Linux is literally soaring!

I don't think this word means what you think it means.

I think I

I think I do.

"ascending to a level markedly higher than the usual; "soaring prices""

The current stats displayed apparently show GNU/Linux's market share "ascending to a level markedly higher than the usual".


He's referring to

He's referring to "literally". Adding this word changes the meaning of "soaring". Flying penguins Smiling .

I realized that later after

I realized that later after writing a reply, but thought the reply is still valid if soaring means ascending and the numbers are ascending. Guess you guys are right though. Laughing out loud

My bad. Smiling

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