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I am thrilled!

So I switched distros again. It doesn't take that much time anymore to set everything up, at least when a new distro is rather similar to the old one and when I move my firefox bookmarks/cache/cookies and mail items over to the new home directory. You don't really start your work from scratch. You simply replace the old experience with a new and better one.

Sidux is an awesome little distribution which does a great job at stabilizing the stormy waters of sid (unstable). However, in order to really be as safe and stable as the sidux team can make it, you have to do some things sidux way, using the famous "h2" d-u-fixes script (d-u stands for dist-upgrade). You don't do a normal dist-upgrade if you want the fixes. You have to run the h2 script. While there's nothing wrong with that my instinct tends to drive me towards just doing standard dist-upgrades myself, with no extra tools.

But this isn't the only thing that made me want to just go over to the clean Debian. I learned that sidux doesn't officialy support nor recommend running GNOME, among other things (like beryl) that I like. People do run these things, but they are the brave ones who don't mind things crashing once in a while and constantly keeping an eye on things. I have better work to do, even if that includes tinkering with something more interesting. I really want something more stable and less demanding.

My choice came down to Ubuntu Feisty and Debian Lenny (current testing). I ended up with Debian Lenny installed from a single 64bit KDE CD (yes, indeed you can install Debian from only one CD which can be either KDE, Xfce or GNOME based). After a bit of setting up, which included fixing an issue with my USB modem (which had a conflict with brltty that I didn't need and hence had to be removed), I am now running an extremely speedy, quite stable and complete 64bit Debian system. I even got beryl to work very well (infact so well that I can now use it day-to-day).

And I am quite thrilled right now by what I have going here. It feels like magic, like living in a science fiction movie. JuK is playing the music from the tray. I can change the songs by a ctrl-alt left/right combination and it will *beam* the pop up on to the screen when it changes a song. My windows zoom in and out or get burned with blue flames when closed. And it all works so fast on this Core 2 Duo machine! Smiling

Working on this box has become a consistently jaw dropping experience, and I love it! Who needs Windows Vista! Who needs Mac OS X! We have it all, and more, and free!

Thanks to everyone who made it possible! Kudos to guys from Debian, Beryl, GNU, Linux,, KDE and many others!