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I'm lovin' it

The new ATI-driver, RadeonHD, has been released in version 1.0.
And although it doesn't have 3D-support yet I had to try it. So, first thing to do was checking the Fedora Forums if there might already be packages for Fedora 8. And yes, there are.
The package xorg-x11-drv-radeonhd is available for Fedora 8 and 9 (which currently is in early development).
I found that it needs another package from that site, which is xorg-x11-server-utils since Fedora 8 doesn't bring the required version.

So, after installing those two packages I changed my setting from the currently used proprietary fglrx to the newly installed RadeonHD.
The first restart of X wasn't that cool, because it didn't want to work. Well, I gave it a try and restarted my PC, and it helped. I could login, work and everything, with the new driver. And although it does not yet come with 3D-acceleration I'm happy that it works. It doesn't actually seem to do much more than the vesa-driver (but I guess it does have 2D-acceleration, so there should be at least this advantage) it still is better than using that one, and if it's only because this driver actually is for my card, and not just some generic driver.

So, the first impression is really good. As stated in the title: I'm lovin' it.

But, sadly, for the gamefest I had to return to use fglrx, but I surely will return to RadeonHD after the gamefest, since I don't need 3D-acceleration that much. It's good to have it, but I can also do without.


Reading the title and a few

Reading the title and a few first words on the planet I thought, wow that was fast.. But then you say it doesn't support 3D yet.. well that's more realistic. Sticking out tongue

In any case it looks like it's making good progress so experimental 3D probably shouldn't be that far off now.

I think an important step


I think an important step has been made, and for people who don't need 3D-stuff (like games, OpenGL-screensavers, Compiz-stuff or things like Celestia) this driver is a really good replacement for the vesa-driver.
As said, I think there's 2D-acceleration in the driver, though I'm not sure, but in any way it's better than using a generic driver.

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