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jd4x4's blog

Had to stop for a while & do some other-world stuff (non-PC). Comments on the blog already! Nice to know that maybe someone will catch me getting ready to do something dumb & point me in the right direction.

Very cool! I get a blog! I MUST be in the right place.
So, I'm here because I think I might be ready to ditch my dependence on Micro$oft. And, because I'm recently unemployed and have too much free time on my hands so I've been thinking philosophically lately. (I always do that around Christmas time anyhow). This definately won't be a political blog (violates the terms anyhow, yes?) but it all starts with my realization that I'm a "Libertarian". (A not too sucessful (so far) political party in the U.S., but more than that it's a philosophy that I think compels me to use and support free software).