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Lightscribe rocks!

When I upgraded my PC a while ago also a new DVD-recorder was included, a really nice Asus-DVD-recorder with support for everything, including dual-layer, DVD-RAM and Lightscribe.

I have already used Lightscribe before for a few EasyLFS-CDs that I had planned to give out (but never managed to do) and now I have bought some Lightscribe-DVDs in order to get really cool Fedora 8 DVDs.

Although the result might not be perfect, it's still pretty cool. :-) I really start to like Lightscribe, although the disks are a bit more expensive than regular CDs/DVDs.
But hey, you got to pay more if you want more, right? And it really looks so much cooler than just writing on the disk with a marker.

Just check it out by yourself, I attached a photo for you.

F8-DVD.jpg39.13 KB


So that's what lightscribe

So that's what lightscribe is. Laughing out loud That looks quite awesome!

It isn't too expensive here. I think I'll try that some time. Smiling

The disks are not too


The disks are not too expensive, and I guess most of the new DVD-writers should support it.
For 50 regular DVDs I pay around 120HK$ and 10 Lightscribe-DVDs are 45HK$, which are 12 and 4.5 Euro respectively. So it's okay.

And as said, it looks a lot cooler than writing on the disk with a marker (especially because my handwriting is really ugly anyway).
Recording the label takes around 15 minutes, so that's probably longer than if you had a printer where you put printable disks inside, and you don't have all the colors, but it's still cool. :-) And especially if your picture has good contrasts between colors you should get a good result. The problem with the Fedora-label was that it's mostly different blues, so the contrast isn't that great.

It's just too bad that there's no free software for it, but 4L, the Lightscribe-tool by Lacie, is at least free as in beer and it works fine, both of which don't really apply to the version of Nero (for Windows) I got with my writer (although I got it for free because it was bundled), because it sometimes stopped writing before it's finished.