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Lightscribe rocks!

When I upgraded my PC a while ago also a new DVD-recorder was included, a really nice Asus-DVD-recorder with support for everything, including dual-layer, DVD-RAM and Lightscribe.

I have already used Lightscribe before for a few EasyLFS-CDs that I had planned to give out (but never managed to do) and now I have bought some Lightscribe-DVDs in order to get really cool Fedora 8 DVDs.

Although the result might not be perfect, it's still pretty cool. :-) I really start to like Lightscribe, although the disks are a bit more expensive than regular CDs/DVDs.
But hey, you got to pay more if you want more, right? And it really looks so much cooler than just writing on the disk with a marker.

Just check it out by yourself, I attached a photo for you.

F8-DVD.jpg39.13 KB


So that's what lightscribe

So that's what lightscribe is. Laughing out loud That looks quite awesome!

It isn't too expensive here. I think I'll try that some time. Smiling

The disks are not too


The disks are not too expensive, and I guess most of the new DVD-writers should support it.
For 50 regular DVDs I pay around 120HK$ and 10 Lightscribe-DVDs are 45HK$, which are 12 and 4.5 Euro respectively. So it's okay.

And as said, it looks a lot cooler than writing on the disk with a marker (especially because my handwriting is really ugly anyway).
Recording the label takes around 15 minutes, so that's probably longer than if you had a printer where you put printable disks inside, and you don't have all the colors, but it's still cool. :-) And especially if your picture has good contrasts between colors you should get a good result. The problem with the Fedora-label was that it's mostly different blues, so the contrast isn't that great.

It's just too bad that there's no free software for it, but 4L, the Lightscribe-tool by Lacie, is at least free as in beer and it works fine, both of which don't really apply to the version of Nero (for Windows) I got with my writer (although I got it for free because it was bundled), because it sometimes stopped writing before it's finished.

I like Lightscribe because

I like Lightscribe because if you want to sell F/OSS (the GNU way), you need to bring the cost down as much as possible. Well, an inkjet just looks cheesy, smears easily, fades, and dilutes in water. A color laserjet is far better, but is too expensive until you get rolling. Silkscreened is best when you can finally afford it. So, for starting off, Lightscribe does the job and looks elegant. I purchased a LaCie external USB DVD writer with Lightscribe and was excited to see that they made a driver just for Ubuntu for it! Yay!

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