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Lightspeed development on new ATI-driver

Just recently we learned that AMD opened up the specs for their Radeon-powered graphics-cards and now I am excited to read that a first version of the RadeonHD driver is ready for download.
Although it says there that this driver isn't much more than the discontinued Avivo-driver, but as I see it, not much more still means a little more, and since there's a download-version there has to be improvement over the Avivo, since there was, as far as I remember, only access to the development-code.

If development goes on with this lightspeed-like progress I am sure we can enjoy finding a really great RadeonHD-driver under our xmas-trees.


That's quite incredibly

That's quite incredibly fast. One day you don't have a Free Software driver for the latest cards and the next there it is. Laughing out loud

By the time I get a new AMD card, it may be fully supported with all bells and whistles in it. Who would have thought!

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