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More stuff on less space - Shrinking the EasyLFS-LiveCD - Part 2

Before I could already save around 100MB by removing the kernel-sources from the Live-system. Now I have decided to remove GCC 3.4 and 4.0, and could save another 50 to 60MB.
If I would give out funky codenames for the EasyLFS-releases I guess 0.4 would probably get the name "Shrinkhead". The current test-CD is about 100MB smaller than the last release (0.3), and about 150MB smaller than the last test-CD before removing the kernel-sources and the two old versions of GCC.
Simple math shows that the new version will come with about 50MB of new and updated stuff compared to EasyLFS 0.3. Included in these 50MB are useful things like the Wireless Tools and WPA-Supplicant, D-Bus and HAL and other goodies.

Overall the next version will be a good step forward and offer lots of useful stuff on much less space. The final CD might end up having about 350MB, although it might still grow a bit since I guess that the new version of GCC makes slightly bigger binaries.
Well, we will see how big it will be in the end, but it for sure will be a lot smaller than the previous version. Maybe it will even give enough room for ambitious users to add the installation of KDE or another desktop-environment to it. ;-) But as for myself, I don't think about adding this, although it came to my mind if maybe I'll add an additional module that can be downloaded and put into the CD-image in order to get a "full" system with KDE.

But that's something for the future, not for now. We will see how things develop.


Don't remove the kernel


Don't remove the kernel sources. Put them on a separate ISO. I *loathe* installing a distro and discovering I can't compile a module because I don't have kernel sources.

Anyway, keep us updated like you usually do. I may try EasyLFS on my other box. Smiling

I have just removed the


I have just removed the kernel source-tree from the LiveCD. On the finished system that tree will be completely there.
But on the LiveCD it's not necessary and just a waste of precious space.

Shrinkhead is a funny code

Shrinkhead is a funny code name. Smiling

I think this is great progress. EasyLFS does not need to have any bloat since it's basically just a base to build on. It is for people who don't have time for LFS, but would like the next best thing, something to build on. I think once this project becomes more popular we may see some new desktop oriented distros based on it. You never know. Smiling

Well, I guess we will see


Well, I guess we will see if EasyLFS attracts people to build something from or on top of it.
I'd be happy to see people taking my little system as base for something bigger, especially because I know that EasyLFS is no system that is made for everyday use.
But maybe some people like the modular structure of it and then develop additional installation-modules, like for a LAMP-server, or with X and some desktop-manager.

It should actually be pretty easy. Maybe I should have a look into writing some sort of guidelines for this, to give people something they can work with.

Oh. Right, right. I


Oh. Right, right. I almost missed the fact that it's a LiveCD.. :/ carry on..

The LiveCD on the LFS site


The LiveCD on the LFS site is supposed to hold the tarballs to everything to be built (I think). This would include the kernel. So am I misremembering, confused about the purpose of EasyLFS, or do you simply mean that the expanded source tree has been removed but a tarball of the kernel to be built is still there?

Let's keep the hope alive for X


>> Maybe it will even give enough room for ambitious users to add the installation of KDE or another desktop-environment to it.

BLFS (beyond LFS) adds X and other graphical packages.

I think it would be great to be able to build a complex system, including compiz-fusion. The reason is because the ultimate Linux for the majority of people is easy to use, which translates to simple but with advanced graphics capabilities. A window manager that taps into 3d graphics cards for 3d is likely to be among the leaders in introducing wow features and in usability (for the average person). Easy zooming is so important in fact that it became a serious obstacle for ODF adoption in Massachusettes.

EasyLFS also has all


EasyLFS also has all tarballs you need for installation, including a tarball for the kernel. But the expanded kernel-tree, which has been used to build the two kernels that are on the LiveCD has been removed because it is unnecessary for the LiveCD and for installation, so it only takes up space, uncompressed around 300MB, compressed still around 100MB.

The purpose of EasyLFS is to provide a LFS-like system without having all the work you have with LFS, for example for people who really like an LFS-system, but have done it already a few times and just think something that takes away their work and still gives them a system like LFS would be cool.
And in some ways EasyLFS sure is better than the original LFS. For example you can choose between different filesystems, ext2 to ext4, ReiserFS and even JFS and XFS are available. You can include SELinux in your system, it'll be planted right in, the way it's supposed to be, and there are some more packages, useful, optional stuff like IPTables, the Wireless Tools and stuff like that.

I have been using LFS before, and that's why I started EasyLFS, to have an easier way to install my system. I have switched to Fedora now, because I think that I have compiled all my stuff for long enough, but that doesn't mean that I abandon my little project.
I still think it's a nice piece of work, and I'm even a bit proud of it.

As said, before I was


As said, before I was running LFS (already modified to some point, but still far from what EasyLFS is now), and had it all, X, KDE, you name it.
One guy who tried EasyLFS even went all the way to install KDE and all the cool stuff, so it's possible.

And since the Linux Live Scripts provide an easy interface to include additional modules I surely see the possibility that people might come up with add-on-modules for EasyLFS, but that of course would make it necessary that some people start playing with it.

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