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Moving partitions - Shrinking the EasyLFS-CD - Progress in general

It's not the first time that I manipulate my partitions with GParted. Especially recently I've done quite some changes to my partition-layout.
Just now I deleted 2 8GB-partitions and a 2GB-partition and right now I'm moving a 10GB-partition to the end of my first harddisk.

The deleted partitions were used to test EasyLFS (one for the 32-bit-, one for the 64-bit-version and one as swap for both). But since this is somehow not practical, I will move this completely to KVM. That way I can use the net at the same time, and also transfer changes and files easily by SSH.

So, with this I say "Thank you" to GParted, which is really great to change your partitioning, and to KVM/QEmu for allowing me to use a virtual environment at nearly native speed.

Without these programs my work on EasyLFS might be quite a lot harder.

And by the way, today I found a way to shrink the image-file quite a bit.
EasyLFS-0.3.6.iso: 486MB
EasyLFS-0.3.8.iso: 398MB

No, this time it's no new compression-method, this time I had the glorious idea to just delete the, anyway unnecessary, kernel-sources from the CD. ;-)

As you can see by the version-numbers I'm approaching 0.4 (it is planned that 0.3.9 will be the last beta, but if necessary I can also go on to 0.3.10 and so on). By now it should be possible to boot from nearly everything, including any kind of RAID, LVM and an encrypted root-partition; also in combination (like an encrypted root-partition in an LVM on a RAID).
One big thing is still missing: the SELinux-policy. This will still be quite some work, but since things are progressing quite nicely I think also that shouldn't be a big obstacle.
After that there will be a few test-builds, and then 0.4 will be there. Harder, better, faster, stronger! And smaller than ever!


Thank you for the update.

Thank you for the update. Smiling I kind of froze what I was doing last time with EasyLFS, but the note of it needing to be finished is still there. I might even get to it today.

I will add your blog here to because this seems to be your main blogging place right now and because of the relevant updates that you provide on your projects. I think it fits our planet well. Smiling

Thank you. I always try to


Thank you.
I always try to find interesting topics to post on my blog. Sometimes it's something about EasyLFS, sometimes something about a program I recently tried (or already use for some time) and find interesting to write something about.

And I guess it won't be too long now before EasyLFS 0.4. I'm pretty sure it'll be released this year, maybe already in November. Let's see how progress is going along.

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