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My new music-player

Today I got myself a new music-player, because my old MP3-stick had three big problems:

  1. No support for OGG/Vorbis
    Since I'm using Fedora now and really want to have all the new stuff in free formats this is pretty important to me.
  2. It's just too small
    128MB today are nothing. I guess everybody would agree to that. I don't need tons of music with me, but 128MB allows like 15 tracks, which really isn't enough.
  3. It just doesn't work anymore
    For a while already it doesn't play music anymore. I can still use it as USB-stick (though a pretty small one), but it won't play any music.

So today I went out at lunchtime to have a look for a replacement, as xmas-gift to myself (yes, I remember that I gave myself some nice gifts already last month).
What I came up with is not the biggest, greatest or latest stuff on the market. It's a nice small USB-stick again, nothing iPod-like, after all I just want to play music with it while I'm in the train, the supermarket, wherever I am; without having to start (or even bring) my notebook.

So right now I am charging a sweet black Samsung YP-U3. It has 1GB of storage (which should be enough) and supports OGG/Vorbis, MP3 and some of those unspeakable Microsoft-audio-codecs nobody uses anyway.
It was important to me that it supports OGG/Vorbis, because I really want to encode all the stuff I encode now as OGG/Vorbis. So when I looked at it I asked the sales-guy and he looked at me as if I was talking Swedish (can't say Chinese, because if I had been talking Chinese he would have actually understood me ;-) ). So I even spelled OGG for him, not that it's that hard, right? Well, finally a quick look on the packing helped me to find my information, I was happy, changed to a different model (the one he showed me before was pretty much an iPod, just with a Samsung-label), then changed to a smaller capacity (the 1GB I got now) and then I was finally in the range I was willing to pay for a toy like this. I did another quick check on the box for the supported formats (after all I had checked the box of a different model before), was happy that it supports the two formats I need (I still have lots of stuff as MP3, and I don't know if I'll ever re-encode that stuff; especially since my wife uses some too, and her player doesn't support OGG/Vorbis I think) and payed.

So, after about a year or so, maybe even longer, now I have a new portable music player (I don't want to call it MP3-player, since it cannot only play MP3 like my previous one) and can finally have some sweet music again while being outside.

By the way, this thing has the best volume I think I've ever seen on a portable device (let aside a ghetto-blaster ;-) ), it's like having Love Parade in your pocket. ;-)


That looks really nice, and

That looks really nice, and with OGG support and 1GB sounds like a great deal. The more we buy products that support free formats more likely will manufacturers provide it.

reptiler wrote:

it's like having Love Parade in your pocket. Eye

That'd be a nice slogan. Laughing out loud

Well, it was important to


Well, it was important to me to have OGG-support. As said, all the new stuff I'll encode will be OGG, so I want to be able to carry it around with me. It seems that more and more plays support it, I don't think it should be too uncommon by now.
By the way, I have the black model. And when you look through the pics there you'll see the different menu-entries. When you scroll through them the icon will morph into the next one. Looks cool. ;-)

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