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NASL goreng

Well, I've been reading through an older security-book I have here and found a chapter about the Nessus Attack Scripting Language, short NASL.
Since I like Nessus I thought learning NASL may be a nice change, and also something different from the other languages I work(ed) with.

So, over the next couple of days/weeks I'll have a look into NASL to see what it can do, how it's done and then I'll see if I can maybe write some checks that actually make sense and aren't already part of the more than 25000 available plugins.

I haven't read much yet, but it seems that NASL is supposed to be quite easy but still fully capable of fulfilling its purpose of checking a computer for security-problems.

As a lot of stuff is already supplied (as said, more than 25000 plugins are already available by default) I think I will try to see if I can write some checks against web-applications.
I have no idea yet how I will do that, but I think it's a good thing to have something you want to achieve when you start learning a new programming-language.