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A new hobby

About a month ago I started a new hobby. And it's not even remotely related to IT, although I use my computer to write the stuff I need for it.

So, what the hell am I talking about?
Standup Comedy

In December I found this comedy club here in Hong Kong, and went over to see a few shows. In January I attended the free comedy workshop, as I thought this might be fun to try, and since it's free (transportation aside) there's nothing to loose.

After the workshop I went to the Open Mic Nights, which is an opportunity for everyone to go up on stage and do a few minutes. The regulars of the club use it to test out new material, as on that evening there are not many people who are just there for visiting and those folks (are supposed to) know that this night isn't a regular show.
So I went there to try out the material I wrote, to see if it works.
So far I went three times, tomorrow will be the fourth time.

Last Friday I spontaneously decided to head to the club, to see the show. After I arrived I was surprised, as the clubs founder asked me if I wanted to do 5 minutes on stage.
I agreed, and so I had my first real show last Friday, after just three practice-sessions.

Apparently I did a good job. My set was just over 3 minutes, but people seemed to have fun. Thus I have now been welcomed into the team and will have my official debut this coming Saturday.

Man, what a ride.

So, if anybody comes over to Hong Kong and would like to laugh a bit, check out the TakeOut Comedy Club, where from now on I'll also be performing from time to time.


Wow, nice. I'll bookmark

Wow, nice. I'll bookmark that site and check it out when you're on. Smiling

Good luck!

Well, there are no


Well, there are no live-broadcasts, and the videos on the opening site only get changed from time to time.
Only thing you'll probably see about me is my name in the line-up for the shows.

But I guess sometimes my performances may end up on Youtube. Well, actually I'd need to register first, but that shouldn't be a problem.

My debut last night went


My debut last night went really smooth and good. The audience seemed to have a good time and I also enjoyed myself up there on stage.
After that the guys and I went out, and I was back home at 7am...

A bit late, but I guess


A bit late, but I guess better than never: The video of my debut.

Hey that was awesome.

Hey that was awesome. Smiling Crowd loved you and you made me laugh too. I gave you five stars on the vid and put you in favorites. Oh and subscribed. Smiling

Looks like you're officially a comedian. :-D

Thanks. I'm happy you


Thanks. I'm happy you enjoyed it.
Gonna be going on stage again on March 7th. Gonna record again. Will be mostly the same material though.

Yeah, who said Germans and IT-folks can't be funny?


reptiler wrote:

Yeah, who said Germans and IT-folks can't be funny?

Indeed. Smiling


Okay, there have been a few problems with the supply of new videos, but finally there is one, and it's mostly new material too, including a joke involving both Hello Kitty and Hitler... Who would have thought these could ever be found in the same sentence?

Check it out...

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