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Only one CD please!

Here I am, just booted off from a failed Fedora Core 6 install trying to use 2 CDs I downloaded to try it, hoping that this would be enough to do it, even though I really believe 1CD should be a standard for mainstream distros these days, not just because Ubuntu does it, but because (as Ubuntu even proves) it simply makes all sense in the world.

My Fedora Core 6 install failed because it asked for a CD4, yes not CD3, but CD4. I didn't select any additional packages and left everything on default and the dialog still said I will need CD1, 2 and *4* to complete the install. Well I ignored the CD4 mention because a friend told me 2 CDs are enough hoping that it'll work anyway and that what the dialog shown was simply an error.

And indeed, it looked like everything was ok... until 2 minutes before the finish, pretty much around 99% of the install when I was already on a CD2 when it asked me to enter CD4 without letting me continue the installation. Of course, I didn't have it and the install failed, that is, I had no choice but to kill it.

There are a few things that just seem totally wrong about this.

1) Why the heck does it need more than 2 CDs for a default install?
2) Why does it need CD4 (not CD3) to complete the remaining 1% or so of the install (it doesn't make sense)?
3) Why can't a distro like this make it possible to install a base system from only one CD like Ubuntu?

I believe these are valid points and something that really brakes Fedora's potential. What drives me to continuously keep trying to install it (since I've had troubles way before with it) is that it is the only major distro I haven't tried and the only major distro which now includes 100% Free Software. But metaphorically speaking, it just hates me.

I've titled this blog entry with a plead for "one CD only". Yes, I think it just makes whole lot of sense and that otherwise the distro not only risks in chasing people away, but does chase people away. Not everyone has fast broadbands and even if they do not everyone is really willing to download two isos and burn them to two CDs, or download more than a couple of gigabytes of a DVD. You can very well fit the basic set of applications on one CD and easily allow people to just install the rest what they need off the net. One CD *is* enough for this, and Ubuntu is a proof of that.

Right now I am not sure whether I am going to try a Fedora install again, but this time custom deselecting as much as possible to somehow fit the install from only 2 CDs and ending up with a potentially "incomplete" setup, or just install gNewSense from this livecd from which I am typing this.

Not a very encouraging experience.


It is bad that it needs

It is bad that it needs more than one CD to install, BLAG manages to install a fully usable system from one CD. One thing might be is that FC is also use as a server distro, thus they include Apache, Sendmail etc. on the other default CDs.

I agree, users should have


I agree, users should have a workable environment on one cd, and then have the option to upgrade after. People say "Users with little bandwith" a lot, and I think it makes even more sense to have a .iso image of around 400mb for the distro to be installed from, and then the package manager could install other apps.

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