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I wasn't aware was so young to be honest as the way I perceived it, the site really skyrocketed over the last few months, especially with useful and well linked (even dugg a few times) articles produced by an apparently quite efficient and tight writers team (the kind of team we didn't manage to establish on, although articles weren't our primary concern).

Anyway, considering that we host forum on and are also further partnered in terms of mutual promotion I recommend you check out what its founder has to say for the 1 year anniversary. You are encouraged to leave comments there about what you like or dislike about the site and what can be done better.

You can also comment below on the stuff that relates to the actual partnership between and Eye



Danijel -- thanks for

Danijel -- thanks for mentioning.
If anyone wants to propagate, here is a digg link:


Dugg. Smiling

Dugg. And happy birthday!


Dugg. And happy birthday!

dugg et happy birthday!

dugg et happy birthday!

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