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Progress update for Freedomware Gamefest 2007

Just to reassure everyone that the organization of Freedomware Gamefest 2007 is still on here is a quick update on progress regarding it's organization.

Pretty much everything with the exception of the donation box is ready for the final promotional blitz. The universal and game specific rules and guidelines are still not final and are being discussed with respect to the feedback we get from players, but it doesn't have to be final until the ultimate deadline for registration comes, which is, obviously, after the promo blitz. This really makes sense because the promotional blitz is meant to bring us more players, hence more people who may want to weigh in with their opinions on the rules and guidelines before we "set them in stone", so to speak.

The web site is pretty much done, but of course will be updated in due time with final rules & guidelines and upon, game slots with groups, teams and players with their points and chart positions, schedules and demo recordings of first matches as they come.

The web site serves, however, in the first place as a promotional tool which means that we will continue to largely rely on for communication and planning, as well as the Libervis Wiki for drafts and anything else that may not go straight into the as officially published information.

This said, we did hit a bit of a snag on a couple of places. First is regarding the feedback on rules and guidelines for the three games which are set to be included in the game fest; Tremulous, Nexuiz and OpenArena. To be honest I would expect more people to answer our calls and become active. The relatively low response we had for Nexuiz and OpenArena makes me slightly nervous about whether we will really end up with the amount of players initially signed up for these games or have a shortage instead.

On the other hand, after the final promotional blitz this issue may largely be resolved, so the judgment should be reserved for that due time.

The second issue is a sudden disappearance of Landy DeField from, as far as I can see, the internet scene. He is not on IRC, not replying to emails, not posting here or on, nor anywhere else. In other words he is nowhere to be found yet he is one of the key persons to our relationship with He is the one behind REVELinux Gears web shop, the one who offered to set up a PayPal for donations and also the one who largely pushed for the effective promotional blitz we are hoping to do soon. He has best experience with these sorts of things so his contributions have been quite crucial for bringing this fest to the next level.

EDIT: Landy is back!! Smiling He was just busy with offline life, which is completely understandable. The important thing is we're moving on with full crew now!

That said, I find myself in a bit of a waiting period hoping that he will resurface soon enough. However, if he does not we will have to proceed with what we have.

Regarding prize money, Landy was our contact to ZaReason, but in case he doesn't show up it is possible I could take over that part. In addition to that we have one potential sponsor and $300 USD as offered by Jose's (from TuxProject) anonymous friend (call it a very generous anonymous donor Smiling ).

The current plan is to spread this over all the game fest winners (each game slot) with a bonus to the universal winner of the game fest. It might not end up as much, but it will be something. Smiling

So this game fest has been conceptually growing ever since the first idea of doing something like this was born, but if anyone would observe that it has been delayed for quite a bit and not always very smooth in organization, you wont get much argument for me. First time is never such a smooth ride, but this doesn't make it not worth trying. We can consider this a prototype game fest that will give us some material to build on in the future, ranging from experience to track record of matches, winners, charts, recordings and a lot of fun.

Soon we will cut the wait and just dive in and try to do our best! Stay tuned!

If you've got any questions please ask below and I will get to it ASAP.


Wow, someone is actually

Wow, someone is actually going to give money to the winners? Very cool! I would say a week or two before christmas would be a good date to play, then Laughing out loud .

This really should become an annual event.

Looks like that. Whoever is

Looks like that. Whoever is the anonymous donor, if he reads, we thank you! You should be proud as this will significantly help us be able to give at least something to all the specific game slot winners.

The universal winner will have a more substantial prize though, as this will be the one who will based on the ratio of wins and number of games (and additional human revision to confirm the numbers make sense) be THE player, a guy who will rock the tourney... It can be anyone of those who signed up or will sign up!! Eye

About the time of play.. the thing is we have at least 3 games in 5 game slots (Tremulous, Nexuiz Team, Nexuiz Sole, OpenArena Team and OpenArena Sole) each with its own qualifications and tournament (yes, this is 5 tournaments!). This ends up being a substantial number of matches so it will take time to schedule and play this.

Therefore we're looking to start this for real by the middle of this month and HOPEFULLY finish just around xmas.. It looks increasingly likely we will announce the final winners on New Year's eve. What a celebration will that be!


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