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Promote GNU/Linux on a race car

I have been let known of an ambitious and promising project which aims to collect money to pay for a sponsorship of one of the race cars in the upcoming "Indianapolis 500" race:

There are four possible sponsorships and the project aims for the biggest one, which needs $350 000. The lowest one is $25 000 and the project is well on its way to achieving this with its almost $1500 money already collected in only 2 days. This means that this is not a yet another lost cause. It could actually work! So if you've got some coins to spare, and you care about GNU/Linux marketing for the sake of better proliferation of GNU/Linux in the mainstream, it could be worth donating. I intend to chip in something as well. Smiling

I hope they will be showing this race on TV where I can watch it and that I will see a big GNU/Linux logo/mascot on one of those fast and furious vehicles. Smiling



I love that idea. I'm big


I love that idea. I'm big racing-fan and would love this to succeed.

Also, after that concept of an OpenSource-car, the next step would be an OpenSource-racecar, right? ;-)

I've already made my

I've already made my donation! w00t!

I've also put some thought into the next step becoming open source racecar races. It would be suhweet!

I also made my donation.


I also made my donation. These coins were anyway just sleeping around on my PayPal-account, so I decided I could also give them away for a good cause.

Cool guys. I just donated

Cool guys. Smiling I just donated a bit as well. Let's hope they make it!

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