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RAM upgrade with a headache

As usual I am the first to give me a Christmas present.
This year that was a bit more RAM, as I love running virtual machines while still being able to work normally.

My PC had 2GB DDR2-667 (2x1GB), and my plan was to get another 2 (also 2x1GB).
Seeing the price I reconsidered.
1GB DDR2-800 (667 wasn't in stock as it's fading out, I was told) is 120HKD. That would make 240HKD for 2GB.
2GB DDR2-800 are 188HKD, compared two 2x1GB this saves me 52HKD.

But then I still wanted to have dual-channel. So, what did I do? I got myself 2x2GB, upgrading to a total of 6GB.

Now the problems started after putting the RAM into it's slots. All was detected and usable, but for some reason I had no sound. The sound-card showed up using lspci, the modules where loaded, but no sound. PulseAudio and ALSA told me that there was no card...

Well, after switching around modules without any success I tried the sledgehammer-method: a BIOS-upgrade.

And now it works!

The funniest thing about this: Windows (XP 64-Bit) had no trouble with the sound after the memory-upgrade...


Weird. I guess the guts of

Weird. I guess the guts of whatever the sound driver is used interacts with the hardware differently so the BIOS affects it differently when it detects and applies server changes.

BIOS upgrade is a pretty delicate thing to do though.. well at least for me it seems. I've done it only once IIRC. Smiling

Anyway, glad it worked. 6GB sounds awesome. Smiling

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