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SCO files for bankruptcy

I just browsed and found this: SCO fles for bankruptcy

I would have never dreamed about it, and certainly not expected it, but it has come true. They finally got that major kick in their nuts that they have deserved for so long. Public humiliation as payoff for all the flaming against Linux over the last years.

But wait, there's more: Of course it's the fault of all those damn Linux-users, who use that code that has been stolen from SCO. Yes, it's all our fault!

And isn't it not very surprising that there comes a light blue superhero comes crashing through the Windows to help? Yes, it's "Microsoft to the rescue", because you've got to help your only friend in the never-ending fight against evil people like us who don't want to waste a lot of money for unstable, insecure and freedom-depriving products.

Well, in conclusion I say "well done"! With our criminal use of stolen code we managed to drive SCO into bankruptcy. MS is next!


A note to the uninformed:

A note to the uninformed: the above post is full of sarcasm. As far as "we" can tell there is no "stolen" code in Linux at all.

Thanks for the note. I've


Thanks for the note.
I've actually been thinking to put that up myself, but then decided to wait and see first.

But I have to say, that this topic really deserved a sarcastic comment, didn't it? ;-)

It sure did. Another

It sure did. Smiling

Another interesting thing is that it is a Software Freedom Day today. A very nice coincidence I'd say. Smiling

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