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Spreading the word about EasyLFS

Although my various posts about EasyLFS already help to get a few results on Google, on top already is the new site,, I want to get the word spread a bit more. Right now I think the problem is that you have to hear about EasyLFS first before you can find it on Google, but that's what I want to change now.

My idea is that I will, with the release of EasyLFS 0.4, submit EasyLFS to DistroWatch and maybe even to the PolishLinux-Wiki.
That way I guess I might get the attention of a few more people than by just talking about it here and there.
Especially DistroWatch is a big site where people go to look for hot new stuff, and thus I think there might be a little gain in popularity when I get posted there.

Well, we will see. It's still a bit until EasyLFS 0.4 can be released, although progress is going quite good. I have replaced util-linux with util-linux-ng now and made some other changes here and there. Also the SELinux-policy is coming along quite well. EasyLFS 0.4 will probably not only have a targeted-policy, but also a strict-policy, for the brave and the ones who like to work on that, because that's not going to be complete I guess.

Well, stay tuned for more news.


I think it's a good idea to

I think it's a good idea to submit to DistroWatch and Another thing that can help is to sometimes submit your blog posts here to news sites like LXer, LinuxToday etc. when you have some important news or something special about EasyLFS to present.

Also, we should be opening up the site at some point soonish, where Passiflora and EasyLFS would be the first projects in spotlight. That too would have some announcements be made and sent out to the news sites. Smiling


Just a little note:

Just a little note: Passiflora isn't quite ready for the spotlight yet. I have to rewrite a large part of it completely because of some obscure bug in one of the libraries I use. Also, there still is no AGPL3 :/ . Worst of all I've been buried in other work, tonight or tomorrow will be the first chance in a long time to get some real work on Passiflora done. I'll need to move mountains in the next few days!

So I'm afraid that when will open, Passiflora will have to be listed as "coming soon".

BTW I'll open a thread about what needs to be done before is opened.

Well Passiflora might yet

Well Passiflora might yet end up being ready by the time is done, but in any case it's not a problem.

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